“Just comply”: Fox News hosts recommend black men stop “resisting arrest” if they don’t want to die
by Scott Eric Kaufman

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On “The Five” Friday afternoon, co-hosts Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle speculated that Samuel Dubose and other black males wouldn’t be murdered by police officers quite so often if they were just more servile in their interactions with law enforcement.
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2015

It's a smart idea not resist arrest for anyone lol I always, policeman carry guns...they are there to protect others, protect themselves and to arrest citizens that do not obey the laws. If you start resisting, you take matters in your own hands! Policeman have difficult decisions to make and have to make decisions in a blink of an eye!

So, murdering someone for selling cigarettes is ok? Cops are out of control. If all these stories of cops killing people for minor infractions where white grandmothers we'd be singing a different tune. But black men and women dying in police custody is their own fault? I think not.

It's time persons stand for what is right...quit excusing what is wrong. It is time for persons who feel justice not served stop hurting everyone else with violence and destroying property. These persons deserve no respect. It is time to be outstanding citizens and quit blaming the cops for all the problems. It is time to stand above and make society better. It is time!

I come from a cop family. My father was a cop, my uncles and cousins are cops. They're tough gritty nypd cops, but they know the difference between policing and killing unarmed men of color. It hurts them to their souls to see bad cops kill young people of any color.

they're full of all kinds of useless ideas, such as women should always serve their husbands. the sad thing is the mental people who actually believe it's real news, not propaganda used to push Christianity farther than it should be. i have no problem with religion but don't try to force your delusions on me.