Gambling Has Ruined My Relationship

My sig. other is a gambler.  I have lost nearly all of the love I have for him, because of his gambling.  It wasn't so bad when he was working also.  At least then, he was gambling his own money away.  For the last two years, he's not been working,  except for some odds & end jobs here & there.  So, it's been a lot of my money that he's been gambling away. 

Now that I've lost my job, he still continues to do so.  I'm about to the point where I don't much even like him anymore.  I'm tired & too old to have to live like this.  I don't need someone that is going to hurt rather than help me.

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I am 39, have 2 daughters and a wonderful fiancee. my ex left me because of gambling and i have been so close to losing my fiancee through gambling, however! Im in a very well paid job, whenever anyone asks me where i work they just huff and say ''Alright for some''. but the truth is there probably in a better financial state than me. I have been gambling since i was 16 and i must say ''Gambling isnt about the cash'' its about the thrill of winning & Casinos are there to make money, not give it away. Money is a casinos god/goddess nothing else matters! so taking part of their god off them is a very difficult thing to acheive and is very rewarding to a gambler. Its all about beating the odds and a I BEAT THE CASINO TODAY...!! situation.
Although im a normal guy with kids,house,cars,job,mates ect...I live a lie. I borrow off payday lenders to gamble, My wage pays off these lenders and all household bills but there is nothing left to gamble so its hello or quickquid payday loans!!!! everymonth i pay around £500 intrest + the amount borrowed. I had credit cards fully maxed out, overdrafts fully maxed out, 7 payday loans! mortgage arrears! you name it i had it maxed out.
I have lived like this every month for 5 years. But i had a huge unexpected win and i done the best thing id ever done in my life,'' told my fiancee'' she asked me did you withdraw the amount?? i replied yes. She jumped up and put a password on the computer and said ''im paying off all your debts,arrears,loans,cards THE LOT! and your not getting a penny until your clear''. I cant believe it, she was shocked and i was honest and together we settled and closed every debt i had. There was enough left to pay the bulk of our wedding that is due on 09/ september /2014. So Again im broke!!!! today i have borrowed a payday loan and lost it! it wasnt a big loan but HELP!!!!! i cant go back to the way i was for the last 5 years. Its dark,evil,miserable and gambling affects your confidence and gives you hundreds of ''wish i had of or wish i hadnt of'' thoughts...i sit on the laptop and play casino whilst my fiancee is in bed. how sad is that? Although my debt has gone, my desire to gamble remains and its a demon...If this was a comment on another person id say to them '' go, get into bed, thank her for her patience and support and tell her you love her, wrap your arms around her and cuddle up & in the morning get the kids and all have a group hug!.... but!!!!!!!!! NO wait!...i have just left this story and signed into my gambling account and SELF EXCLUDED my account for 5 years...i did this whilst writing this comment!...wonder where i will be financially in 5 years?...will take a note and i will write again in 12 months. thanks for reading my post.. take care and be careful

My wife drags me to the casino, I HATE IT....I've lost much money...It makes me hate my wife. I work too hard for my money. I know the feeling of an uncaring spouse.

My boyfriend has been gambling for over 20 years, we've only been together for two, he gambled all our rent money so many times, he comes crying begging for help after every loss, which is everytime, he's made no effort to seek any help what so ever, so today i've asked him to leave,<br />
Which will make him homeless and me with so many debts i'm worried sick,<br />
I know nothing about gambling addiction, everytime I look online it just takes me to gambling sites.<br />
I'm worried sick, but can't live with his lies anymore,<br />
Wishing everyone affected all the biggest of love, my the dark times turn brighter x

Give the economy a stimulate by out lawing lotteries, Indian casinos, bar casinos!

I think snugglebunny is dead right, it is an illness yet they can't see it, my ex bf gambled at his local bookies, i said to him he could either have a relationship with me or gambelling, (apparently this makes me a control freak!) well i guess he chose gambelling, he has very little to show for pushing nearly 40, sad really, i think it's when they also have a relationship with drugs also, i suspected that to due to his mood swings.<br />
<br />
Sometimes in life you have to realise you just can't help some people they are too fixated on what makes them happy, and they could'nt care less about how it affects you, as they are so selfish and have no self worth and no 'self respect'. I hope it works out for you, best of luck....Wish x

i understand your pain and anger all too well!

I'm sorry to say that things will never get better, I fought this for 20 years.

I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I think a lot of people don't see gambling addictions as an illness. However, it is...just like any other drug.