The Gambler

I am addicted to gambling. Stone cold fact.


How badly? Well, in the last 6 months I've lost over £4.000 ($6,000). This is only my monetary gain. Let's not put what I won into the equation against these figures. That'll be too depressing.


I do fine on the poker. In fact, that is the means of how I got my money up to such high stakes. (For example, my top gain is £22,000 ($33,200)). I lost it all on other gambling ventures. Mainly roulette, the devil that game is.


I got so bad this very night, that I was looking at loans to pull out of my arse. Thankfully, common sense struck in (A little too late), and spoke sternly to me. 


However, I can absolutely see how big a vice this addiction is. The adrenaline is absolutely amazing. But it is incredibly unhealthy. I for one, have been through fits of depression. Which still continue now.


I will keep my gambling habits down to the minimum of playing poker with friends.


The above was just a confession to get off my chest. It felt good. It really is all a crying shame, and I hope I can get rid of this bug. 

Twigstar Twigstar
22-25, M
Mar 11, 2010