Echo-ing I Hate Gang Violence

i was reading the story on the america most wanted site about a high schooler, who got shot by gang members ( things like that freak me out because it rreminds me that violence is no respecter of age, race, or anthing. to think the boy, wendale had his whole life ahead of him. On the plus hand, his father started up a foundation honoring him. the foundation aims to young adults in cali, to stir them away from gangs and crime. The story really hit home, I'm just little older than he was!

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

My life is hell because my whole life I've lived in neighborhoods where only gangbangers get love and respect.

Ex gangbangers get love and respect, they talk all that jesus talk, but people don't respect them for being "nice". People respect them for who they WERE and for what they "learned in prison".

I'm 24 years old and still get talked to like a littel kid cuz I grew up with a dad and didn't go to prison. But I've lived a ROUGH life, grew up in an abusive drug addicted household, and I'm sick and tired of gangbangers getting all the credit.

When I get my M 16 they'llf ind out otherwise. HAIL DORNER.

I'm tired of it. I wish people would get together with me and rape a gang member's girlfriend. These people get so much respect and everybody feels sorry for them and respects them, its bullshit.

its time that people who AREN'T criminals got respect for a change.

i hate when **** like that happens... u got people caught up in the mix n innocent people get shot.. i hate gangs with a passion... theres this otehr case that happened in Chicago projects this little 5 year old girl got shot accidently by some dumb mf who failed to shot at the guy he was aiming for.. smh...<br />
wow he wanted to be a firefighter... man he had alot ahead for him... n hes good looking too... damn.. :/.. cant wait til i leave this **** hole waste land filled with these mf'n gangs...