So Big Things Have Happened In The Last Couple Days...

Well,it's been a couple days since I've been on or talked to anyone and I do apologize,but I guess its because I haven't gotten a chance to get on. Friday afternoon I received the best and scariest news..I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks!!! It all happened this way because my fiancee's sister(soon to be sister-in-law) nominated us for this contest to be married. She submitted a photo of us and told our story. We didn't think we had any sort of chance in winning. Over 1,000 people submitted,and as it turns out we were the last ones to be selected. 10 out of over 1,000!!!! What are the odds?! So we're trying to get everything ready and of course my dad found out and has gone back to being a bigoted *******. I'm currently staying with my friend Delorian(who is also gay and who my dad despises for that fact) until I'm able to get my own place where I can live happily with my soon to be wife(: It's just soo stressful. I'm happy that we're getting married,I know we're young and that it may seem too soon but honestly we're already married in our hearts and have been for quite some time. I just want to be happy,and when I'm with her I am. <3
Kelloggs19 Kelloggs19
18-21, F
May 8, 2012