Thieves And Crooks

some 15 years ago I started working at GE as a temp employee,over the next 3 years it became quite apparent as to how crooked they truely are and were.I worked for them and they had their kids and friends of the family come work through the same (temp agency) I had become quite efficient at my job and was appointed to train their friends and family. soon they bagan to hire these people and totally ignored myself although I had trained a good portion of them,after 3 years they finally hired me. I was going to school at night and soon moved to another area they continued to move me back to my original area people always called in and they could not keep people of their leads failed to properly shutdown a machine and it basically resulted in a life altering accident which still effects me to this day.My doctor told me he did not want me going back to the area they refused to comply and it ultimately led to my termination as I was unable to do the job anymore. as if this were not bad enough they turned over our savings and security plans to fidelity investments and our ability to move our money where we wanted it was eliminated. over the next 6 months my savings was allegedly destroyed.I had a ready loan against my own money for 7000.00 now this was my own money when GE terminated me and i closed my account instead of taxing me on this money and returning my whole account they took 7000.00 from the final payout. it was my money to begin with and they had zero right to it ! Basically they destroyed close to 1/4 of a million dollars in savings and turned it into 24k minus the 7k which was mine to begin with.long story short cause there isnt enough space to tell the whole story they hired a bunch of kids from their friends and family network there was a layoff and i was sent back to my original job(although I was senior to the new hires) where my doctor did not want me to go and it resulted in my termination meanwhile there were several people in their network being catered to hand and foot.we tried to sue but they claimed I signed an arbitration agreement (the signature looked nothing like mine ive signed my name the same way since getting out of the military 20+years ago.) I got a lawyer after looking all over my town for one there were none to be found and it came to our attention the american arbitrary association holds close to a million shares of GE common stock so whom do you believe they would ultimately side with ? we went through their little circus most of the time GE refused to even cooperate it came to arbitration and we signed a confidentiality deal and they settled for less than a half a years wages and the only reason im wrighting this is because their time to pay me has already expired and were stuck back at square one.
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If it were you or me and we had a GE capital credit card they would be calling every 5 mins to be paid and it would negatively effect your credit but its perfectly ok for them to do this with zero reprecussion.what a crooked country the USA these dirtbags are a discrace to the entire human race.

Having a really bad day,two of the people i used to work with just settled for nearly half a million dollars each,(hush hush out of court) I told them yeah good luck collecting. the story was identical to mine with the exception of them being able to get jobs after being terminated because GE did not damage them to the point of being disabled. ohh yeah if you are disabled by their neglegent acts and loose your medications, do not file for disability in order to qualify for state run benefit plans so you are able to get your meds, they will say ohh look by your own admission you are disabled therefore we were in the right to terminate you because by your own admission you are unable to perform your job to our satisfaction. A term which also by the way is used when they deny you your unemployment benefits as I was denied. These bottom feeders steal your life savings (legally)then leave you for dead after you give them 100% I say let the chineese have them,they are lower than snake **** on a hot summers day.