Real Men

My dad is the man of the house. He works, brings home the money, takes care of the bills. Mops the floors on the weekends.

Umm.. wait... did I just say he mops the floors on the weekends? men aren't supposed to do that...

For as long as I can remember, my parents have shared in the household duties. There was never a row about it, never an argument. Dad does more than mom and still works, now that mom gets tired so easily from being sick.

My dad taught me what a real man was... and it has nothing to do with being macho. It has to do with doing what needs to be done to keep his family healthy and happy.

I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things when I was a kid, because I was a girl. I wanted to do boy things, play boy sports, have boy toys like G.I. Joe and Transformers. Daddy wanted a little girl.

Instead of shutting me out when he realized I would never be his little princess, he slowly changed his attitude. Allowed me to become what I would become, only with support and love, not isolation.

I am lucky.
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Would you be at all surprised to find out that most men more or less agree with your Dad's way of thinking? Or, that fewer and fewer do so in consequence of the onslaught of non-sex-positive feminism and outright misandry among those feminists who've seized the cultural heights? The baby's being thrown out with the bath water in our society. Instead of using the positive insights and achievements of feminism to reform, there are those in control of the movement who use the power which they've amassed to flip the old order upside down. Soon, they'll need to establish Big Sister, so that a counterrevolution can't be sustained.

Isn't the best kind of love the kind that shares everything...including the chores and the responsibilty.

I love knowing that the gender line is being blurred. It makes it more possible for real changes to happen.

I was taught by my Mum things inside the house and Gardening/DIY by my Dad when my Mum died I was 16 and caperble of doing everything she would,I also lost a wife and had 3 small kids who I was both Mum and Dad and they were taught to do anything I could sex didn't matter what mattered was they could be INDEPENDANT as I was.

I do all that too. Tough jobs, drains, ironing, floors. My daughter has been the princess, my son thinks I'm a hippy, my wife grieves the hairy man I used to be, and I want flowers for Fathers' Day. I'm real, just more real looking pretty.

Are you someone famous, or is that not your picture?

It certainly is my picture. Not famous - yet, but I publish, write, speak and perform in public, and tell my story on my blog. And I've come a long way since this posting. Do I look like someone famous then? Do tell!

That is why, with all of the horrible things I've been through, I don't tell my dad what happened. It was his family. And I never ever want him to feel like it was his fault.

yes, you are so lucky.

My dad is awesome. We don't always agree, but I have never once felt like he would love me any less, regardless of what cockamamie thing I do.