Gender Roles

I was born in the early 70's and I was also born with both sexes. I did not find this out until 2006 when I started seeking out a medical professional for my full transition from male to female. I latter learned that I was truly 85% female and that my body was produce the female hormones called estrogen.

Once all the tests have been done and my doctor consulted with several of his collegues including dr. marci bowers and he put me on my female hormone regeime. From that day on I was to live, work, and dress for my new gender role. I also have been in gender counseling.

I have completed my counseling but I still see my counselor once per month as well as my name was officially changed and every document from driver's license to my social security card has my new name on it.

Here is where it starts confusing people when you know at an early age something did not feel right and you started doing the same role as your female peers and not your male peers like cooking, baking, sewing, and picking up on the female roles that looks really really strange let alone trying to hide your growing breasts. My Stepfather called my name as I was going to my room from my shower and my bathroom came open and exposed my breasts. the look on his face was horrid and well that started a major fight with my mother.

I have faced gender stereo types all my life and my conclusion is this we are all human beings that have the right to choose where we live, what we do for employment, how we choose to dress and what are personal preferences are. It today's society we as human beings put everyone in a stereo type and it makes no difference who or what they are or where they come from.

If something is different and does not fit in the normal way of how things are to be done is down right full of ignorance, excuse the way I put it but it is so true that we as humans have to put everything in a stereo type category.
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I really admire people who go through gender 'reasignment' or rather their real gender assignment. It's a hell of a lot to go through to be themselves. good luck and love.

You are a brave person - wish you good luck with your transition. It takes courage to be yourself. Hang in there - just be yourself babe!

first i want to say congrats on a awesome post. What you are doing is a affirmation to live your authentic life. I love reading stories about people who have the courage to be who they are. I dislike stereotypes. each person has a right to be who they are and be an individual.

Very well said my, have never found what makes people judge and look at others as they are lepers and as such, hope all goes well.

I did add you as a friend so no worries there I am not looking for anything just looking for real people who know what it is like to be discriminated against for transitioning and I like to share my stories and experiences that will help others in this situation of going through the transition from male to female.