I Just Don't Get It

Why can't a guy be caring, understanding, and sensitive? Just because I believe in respect and being supportive doesn't mean that I'm not a man. Where is it written that every man must be cold and uncaring? So what if I'm different from the "average" man, that doesn't make any of these things wrong either.
You do not have to be self-centered to be a man. I am not a girl or gay because I actually listen to people. I am not a chick because I am supportive of the people in my life. Caring does not make me weak. In fact, I don't understand the guys who have no respect and find it easy to be cruel and uncaring.
I find women who are strong and independent attractive (I love a woman who can kick my butt). I fell for my last girlfriend while we were rebuilding an engine together. Just because a woman isn't all emotional and soft doesn't mean that she's not just a woman.
I hope that some day society will learn that there is no such thing as "cookie cutter" people. Not every one is the same, but that doesn't mean that they are not people. Besides, why does every one think that every thing is there business. If I'm not screwing you then what does my physical or my true gender have to do with you? It's not any of your business, so what difference does it make if I'm a "traditional" man or not. People just need to mind their business and stop pigeonholing others.
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Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for reading it.

we're all human. <br />
we all have the same capability to feel. <br />
cocky jerks are super unattractive, don't feel pressured to be one. <br />
<br />
we all have to suppress our emotions in certain situations whether we're male or female. it's just part of life. it kinda sucks, and it sucks even more for men in this society, but not to be cliche... be the change you want to see in the world!

I wish that the world would change, but until it does I will just have to be true to myself. Thank you for your response and for reading my story.

people are stupid, they believe the whole men can't show emotion stereotype or whatever. personally guys that are caring, sensitive, understanding and actually listen to women are much more of a "man" than those "i'm all tough, and nothing's gonna make me change my mind and i'll be cruel to everyone" guys. and there's girls that find men like u waaaayyy more atractive than the self absorbed jerks

Thank you for your caring response. I have watched the men around me act like uncaring jerks my entire life and it has never made any sense. I am eternally grateful to my dad and brother for showing me that I don't have to be like that.