I Am Skeptical About Most of Them

Even talking about or looking them up knowing they exist is offensive lol. First off, it is especially offensive when its just children, in the real world away from tv and on the interenet I hear about the gentle and nurturing, submissive and prissy, versus rowdy, aggressive, dominant and Dirty. On tv the difference is mostly toys as they portray them as just children eg. "men, women and CHILDREN " and instead they show how dumb dad is. Second its deeply offensive when they show those gender stereotypes with women or men even as they're on a so-called different planet ie. women may be expected to be nurturing and sensitive but that seems to apply mostly to children as men are stereotypically to strong and factual versus emotional, when they're the same age and not a women in her 30's nursing a guy who's 20, it's offensive especially. In my psychology book, in the gender differences chapter it showed male and female communication with two teenage boys and two teenage girls. I don't like tradition as far as gender roles. I don't believe simple pastimes a child has will make them gay ot straight, and I don't believe testosterone is linked to anger, why would god put it mostly in men if that's what it does, maybe people who buy into all the gender stereotypes have a lack of faith, my mom and girlfriend don't buy the cliche`s.

spbutters spbutters
Feb 9, 2009