Some Differences

I have a theory that engendering boys and girls today in America actually puts them at odds with one another and sets us all up for a lot of failure. There are those of us who are trying to understand how men and women are respectively so we can create common ground to build relationships on. I have noticed that with some guys when they fall in love, even with the biggest love, they do not change a thing about their lives because of it. They change how they think about that person, they think I am in love with her. That's it, I think some argue that's putting it in perspective, who wants to change how much time they dwell on the new love, see them, call them, interact with them, go out to spend time with them? These guys keep their lives exactly the same so much so you wouldn't detect they have this new love. Women get doubtful of this behavior to mean it is real...they need a kind of aknowlegment especially in the beginning, increased frequency of contact making time to build on it. This can be viewed as insecure..maybe..I have observed that typically people give what it is they want the most, so if a woman is paying you a lot of attention and you handle it with grace to allow her time to feel secure that things are staying on the same page it won't result in drama. Likewise if women can just somehow trust that when a man is only with her, tells her he has mucha big feelers for her and then calls her once a week as per usual it is still probably true that he does. probably. Do women understand that it is still the case today that for men marriage is part, only a part of their careers? It is, it falls into the same catagories as having/getting the best job, most money, toughest mind set, hardest muscles, sharpest intellect, marry some one who fits the motif. Marriage must match the wall paper they used so-to-speak. Look at the movie 50 First Dates. It's super funny, anyway, his job means EVERYTHING to that story, it was a sad, tragic thing for him to even consider staying on the island foregoing the big research saved the day when he found a way for her to come with him, it was the absolute best possible out come period. It is not in the nature of some guys to make the home life the whole life, for some women it is expected that they do. Total fulfillment is still ultimately in what she nurtures and's like a 'good for you keeping a job and an extreme sport you cutie, how are the kids?'. One last point, I was listening to some country song cuz it was not my ride, and this guy explains how he always goes fishin, loves to escape the wife. Wife can't stand it anymore issues first warning he going to come home to alone soon. He don't listen, he takes off anyway emphasizing what a particularly glorious day it is outside, that stupid woman is crazy and gone now hooray. I take this two ways, either she was one mega ***** and no wonder he is so happy to be alone now! or...he had a bad habbit, disregared what damage it was doing to a decent person, found it laughable and what ever doesn't change and she is the reactionary one because she stayed, she stayed in beyond as long as she could trying to protect the investment she put there, she waited till the edge of madness before saying die, gave it her absolute ******* all. He treated her like garbage, ignorant stupid ungrateful slob needed a day of fishing while she stretched the meaning of fortitude...
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Dec 7, 2012