Bush Politics to Wipe Out Middle Class (Democracy in America)

It is very clear to me today that there has been an agenda since 2003 being orchestrated by Republican members of government to eliminate the informed middle class of America by reducing all middle class citizens into a state of poverty. I have discovered their system (an undeniable pattern) and uncovered some personal agendas leaving undeniable proof that this is what they intended on doing to the voters of the future. No Middle Class voters gives them absolute power and control of the American government. If it looks like tyranny and smells like tyranny is usually becomes tyranny and we all have an obligation to expose and put off such activities when undertaken by a body of government. Failure to expose and remove this now will result in a future America where no voters and middle class exists. This goes way beyond the current economy and is certainly a power play to control the people and even possibly a power play by some religious elites in politics to totally circumvent the constitution of the United State of America.
This agenda is within the Republican Party and is being played out right under the nose of the Democratic leadership of the country as I write this. It is not about democracy but rather destroying the fabric of America all the way down to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. If the middle and lower classes do not act now certainly, they will be imprisoned or worse in the future for exercising their constitutional rights (Bill of Rights) in America and will certainly not have to worry about a job and money. I personally have already been attacked and threatened by Republicans, which is why I want to further expose this political power grab and internal party agenda. Simply they know we know the truth about their plans and how it all is being wired.  What I know about them and their agenda will become realized so all may discover the truth about these so-called leaders’ and just how some intend to pull it off by overthrowing and even destroying the Middle Class Citizens of America.
Republicans have already threatened to destroy me personally over nothing short of my involvement in politics which is my constitutional right. Its time wake up and become aware of what has been going on behind the scenes and why. If you knew the truth, you would be amazed about this, as I have become especially after experiencing how their system is being wired up right now to decimate the American Middle Class. Tactics like limiting collective bargaining rights is just one of many plays in their playbook of the future. This is nothing short of political corruption carried out by the personal agendas of a select group of right wing extremists. 
Just like what we recently saw in Egypt, it is time for a new revolution of the Middle Class in America. It is simply too easy to sit back and let it all happen which is what these corrupt wing nuts are actually counting on. Their betting the bank the entire minor classes (as they see it) will go silently into the night. It's time to stand up and put these ideological wing nuts in their place and force them to represent the agendas of the American people rather than their own personal agendas. Is the GOP stealing from middle class? You bet they are and I mean literally stealing ideas and technology as they did from me and I am betting I am not the only one.  
“I do get concerned when I hear my Republican colleagues say they want to focus on running up the deficit while taking things away from the middle class,” said Reid to reporters. “And that’s really what they’ve wanted to do the last few days.” -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 
“But Republicans aren’t stopping there,” said Reid. They have even threatening to shut down government, to have the United States of America default on his bills. You can imagine as well as I can, the economic crisis it would cause. No more social security checks. The troops wouldn’t get their checks. Veterans wouldn’t get their checks. Border security, FBI, all of it.”
Their arrogant display of power is nothing short of old fashioned tyranny (Saddam style) so get active and make your voice heard .  
This one is for you... making those moronic death threats against Americans with Disabilities for political gain you should be ashamed of yourselves you pea brain, cowardly neo-conservative morons. Why don't you also make sure and tell them how I became the Beast of Revelations that story ought to really grab them. It’s truly amazing what people can be told to believe when neo-conservative politicians gets behind it. Right!  Katrina! Remember her I still do she is not just a Hurricane but also evidence of your tyranny. You knew so much and did nothing and people perished because of your politics. How about 9/11 don't you think those people jumping out of the World Trade Center’s felt betrayed? Why? I for one have seen the tapes and  evidence, which for me is undeniable concerning thermite (see link at bottom for more info). There are no coincidences since the world is what we make of it. You did not even know what to do you inadequate fools selling our countries markets and jobs for personal profit. Simply your records of accomplishment speak louder than words concerning how you all feel about the people of America from whom you have taken so much for so long.
Disposable right! What? You did not think we would notice?   
You can pat yourselves on the back and give yourselves the Presidential Medal of Freedom (as to make yourselves feel all warm and fuzzy inside) but that is never going to bring back the people who paid the ultimate price for your decisions, failed policies,bad decisions and a very nasty Gulf.

As for me, I have read the Constitution and believe traitors of the United States of America should not be rewarded with medals for making themselves rich while American people die on American soil. Just as Cesar had his Brutus so be it among neo-conservatives seeking to destroy Democracy at home and the Constitution.  This is why I feel that many should be tried for their crimes and punished just as Saddam was punished for committing his crimes. It's past time to throw out the dirty neo-conservative (sadistic) politicians and their dirty stinking laundry soaked with crude along with the blood of the spoils of war. 


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 End of America

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You do yourself no favors when you throw that thermite bullshit about 9/11 into the mix.

When corporations produce commodities for other people and sells them for money, this is the beginning of socialism (socialist-capitalism). Over time, people become dependent on money for survival, they are then forced to support a socialist control system otherwise their income will become inflated as we now see and eventually collapse. One of the biggest forms of Socialist trade can be seen in how Oil companies hold American’s hostage. The price of the pump so to speak giving way to stronger socialist controls where trade in Wall Street becomes manipulated for profit (profiteering).

The key to survival in a socialist society is finding a means of sustaining money-flow to avoid starvation, slavery, illness, imprisonment, death, etc. Beginning to sound more familiar now?

A Republic (Federal Republic Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson believed in) is the form of society that encourages people to become economically independent so that they will not need to depend on others for necessities. In addition, this involves minding your own fences and keeping your nose out of the affairs of your neighbor rather than trying to control what he does, buys and thinks with media. Really, a good example of manipulating people using media can be seen thru Adolf Hitler’s “Nazi propaganda engine”.

It is clear to see today that we live in a form of Socialism where corporate capitalism rules the economy. The only problem with this system is when corporations and business begin to fail then so does the entire country and eventually the collapse of it’s currency.

Evidence of a Socialist agenda implemented in American government dates back to Bush 41 and the Regan administration (collapse and foreclosure of independent farms for new corporate ones). The cushy deal here was the interest H.W Bush gained under president Regan. You really have to go back to Prescott Bush, E. Roland Harriman (A. Harriman & Co) and the UBC to understand their Wall Street ties, Oil and Skull and Bones. Prescott Bush was one of seven directors of the Union Banking Corporation, an investment bank controlled by the Thyssen family (Nazi Germany), which was seized in October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Later in years, I have read there was a real falling out between Regan and Bush 41 as I feel there were some confidence issues. Eventually with all the voting machine tampering in Florida (2000 swing state whom had a major recount dispute), I am sure Bush 43 was placed to make sure their private agendas were carried out (one being to go after Saddam in Iraq) which is another Socialist tactic.

Amen. Except that I think it started in 1980 when Reagan was elected. Yet the working class continues to vote for the clowns - the same party that gives tax breaks to companies that send our jobs overseas. And what about corporate welfare and gov bailouts for the rich (I guess it's only socialism if the money goes to the lower classes, not when it goes to the upper).