George Bush Is Simply Evil.

George Bush is an evil person. He has used his power and the American juggernaut to kill alot of innocent people for the benefit of oil, money and his-self. Its an obvious and total disgrace, Bush like Blair should be trialed for war crimes. Attacking Iraq without permission, when no weapons of mass destruction were found (As UK readers know, Dr Kelly suspicously killed his-self, literally just before he was about to announce no weapons are evident in Iaq) and attacking Afghan as a country?! Don't u realise innocent people (Soldiers included) are going to die for the benefit of vanity and self-gain? (Surely special forces can find and kill terrorists without general war on a country where millions of peoples lives are affected in a negative way?!)! Also, the USA in some areas are suffering badly and once again ,Bush (You ******) did nothing to aid areas in need. Lets consider New Orleans, an area where the majortity are of black origin..Did you help much?! Nope, you are a racist as well as having buckets of innocent blood on your hands. You and Mr Monsuir Blair should be doing life in prison-Having so much power and doing what you have done..Shame on you.

If you have another life, i certainly hope you suffer considerably. You deserve the worse.
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3 Responses Oct 15, 2011

G.W Bush is a criminal He should be jailed for lifetime or should be hanged.I hate him<br />
All americans are not like these criminals these are few black sheeps.

What if if neither is valid.I am left of center and believe political ideology has gone up in smoke. The Presidency in a sense is bought rather than won. Obama has the money, therefore, he will win the presidency once again. Ergo, the rich control everything and have essentially watered down democracy to the point where it barely exists anymore. Maybe that is why so many people have become politically apathetic.

He might not have been the best president but your accusations are false. If anyone were to speak of Obama the way you have of Bush you would accuse them in the same spiteful way you have of Bush himself. Your obvious extreme left point of view makes you unable to evaluate either man justly.