the Worst President In the History of the USA

After six years, I hate George Bush for the following reasons:

1. He stole the office.  At the last recount, in the linchpin state of Folrida (controlled by his bro), Gore was ahead by 400 votes.  At the request of the Bushites, the Supreme Court intervened and "declared" a winner.  I will re-re-re-read the Constitution, but I don't think that is allowed.

2. He is much too ignorant to be taken seriouly in his job.  In a briefing on Iraq and why the "factions" were fighting, the intelligence/defence official was discussing the Shi'ites, Sunni's (Baathist and Non-Baathist) and Kurds, when the prez piped up and said "Uh, I thought they were muslims."  They are all, of course, divisions of Islam, and therefore, Muslim.  Not to worry.  Lil' Georgie has been a puppet all along.  His strings are pulled by the Neo-Con leadership, namely Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others.  As their puppet, only too willing to do their bidding, he is dismantling our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  This dismantling started under Ronald Reagen when he abolished the "Fair Use" doctrine as it applied to politics over the airwaves.  Once this was abolished, the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News was made possible.  Before, Networks had been independent and there were rules against media monopolies.  Now, there are damn few indie radio and TV stations.  The weaker minded among us are being brainwashed.

3.  Although 9/11 happened nine months into the Bush presidency, he would have us believe that his party is the only assurance that this will never happen again.  Okay, so we invade Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden.  He was there but fled to Pakistan, which is where is still is, protected by the Taliban.  The Taliban originated in Pakistan, you know.   But, Osama is Saudi Arabian.  All 11 of the hi-jackers were Saudi Arabian.  They are still our "closest friends" in the Middle East.  But, on 9/11, when the rest of America could not get onto a flight of ANY KIND, the Bush adminstration made sure that certain members of the Saudi royal family and friends could get onto their private airliners and fly home.  Oh, yeah, and among them were members of the Bin Laden family.  Not a coincidence, either.  It is the same Bin Laden family.  Okay, so the Saudis did it, no doubt about it.  We invade Afghanistan to catch one Saudi, and knock out the Taliban in the process.  Only they're back now.  Our next step wasn't even close to Saudi Arabia.  We are still bogged down in Iraq, who had NOTHING to do with any of this.  But, it is about as close to Vietnam as you can get in terms of long term, bogged down, money chewing war.  Only this time, no Walter Cronkites.  No longer can a reporter go where they will and see what they want.  Now, they are "imbedded", which is no different from what the Soviets used to do.  They send you with handlers to control what you see and say.  But, gone are the days when a journalist beyond reproach can sit before millions and say "This war is crazy and we cannot win.".  So, we have Rush Limbaugh spinning his nonesense and blind Republicans lapping it up. 

4. "W's" family and friends are making obscene profits off of this ridiculous war.  Every week the war goes on is another 2billion spent by the government to contractors who did not have to bid on, nor answer for their bookkeeping.  There was a special investigator appointed by Congress to audit over 9billion that is just missing in Iraq.  A week before the election, in a midnight rider that STILL has not been covered in the media, that office was eliminated, and the investigator out of a job.  He had just released a memo stating that a great deal of the money had been in the form of small arms that cannot be traced to military or police, and therefore must be in the hands of "insurgents".  Oh, goody!  More armed insurgents = need for more troops = need for more money to contractors = more money to Iraq from  contractors = more unsupervised monies that can be used to buy arms and munitions that nobody will keep track of = (see 'More armed insurgents' above).  I see a pattern here.

6. History will judge us very harshly, and we will have been seen as deserving world hatred and villification.  Why?  The sin of inflicting innocent populations with radioactivity is not restricted to the bombs dropped on Japan 60 years ago, or on accidents at places like Three-Mile Island or Chernobyl.  Google "Depleted Uranium Munitions".  In a nutshell, we, as the largest producer of nuclear waste, are turning this radioactive metal into armor piercing artillery shells.  When they detonate, they spread radioactive shrapnel and create an aerosol of radioactivity that lingers around the blast area for a time.  Depleted Uranium is not only the hardest metal known to man, it is a beautiful gold color.  Children collect it, assuring them a future of illness and deformed offspring.  We first used these during the first Gulf War, in 1991, and America is officially turning a blind eye to the obvious rise in cancers and birth defects.  Between the Gulf Wars, we used these munitions in Kosovo, and birth defects there are up by over a factor of 10, from what I have read. 

7. Don't even get me started on cluster bombs and land mines.

I think I was too ambitious in posting this.  I am out of energy and space, and I haven't even begun to talk about how free speech has been quashed and other rights have been trampled.  Much less about kidnapping and torture.  Etc., etc., and etc.

Anybody disagree?  Please tell me who has been more destructive to THE PLANET than the blithering idiot carpetbagger from Massachusets, raised in Texas, son of a career politician carpetbagger from Massachusets, son of a corrupt corporate monster.  I'm listening.
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He was a total dillweed, dude. I couldn't agree with you more! Let's just be thankful he's out of office already.

Very well-written, highly informative, and the total truth.

Very well-written, highly informative, and the total truth.

plz more of it

Just to bring this fresh to people's minds, the Bush regime got us into this mess, when they faked an attack on NYC...

What a bunch of leftist/marxist BS. You speak in the same platitudes as your leftist elite friends. The great George W Bush will be known as one the greatest leaders this country and world has ever seen. Once the current liberal media ,which is now in melt down mode, dissapates, the truth of greatness will prevail. George W. liberated over millions of people and gave them the sweet taste of freedom and liberty. I know the concepts of freedom and liberty are hard for you libs to ingest!

I totally agree with you, Atmore. Nobody needs nuclear weapons. Nobody needs WW III. The US should stop invading other countries. We need to end the threats directed at other leaders by our elected officials. No more "bring it on". No more "mission accomplished". No more bragging about being the best country in the world. No more glib remarks with a smirk. No more superior attitude. Actions speak louder than words. We need to focus on being an example, being a success that others choose to emulate. Reaching out to help instead of reaching out to control. Many of our allies have chosen to disassociate themselves and turn their backs on us, and some have become our enemies. Maybe they recognize the insanity and want no part of it.

This is one of the most intelligent presentations of some of the heinous acts perpetrated by the current administration. I think everything that we do know is scary, but I quake at the thought of all things that we are, as yet, unaware of. Someday American's are going to be floored by information that will ultimately see the light of day.

I am dismayed by the opinions posted by chrisman63. Based upon your position, you would be more comfortable with **** Cheney as President, he appears to agree with you right down the line. Unfortunately, to follow the paths that you both suggest would ruin our economy, armed forces and plunge the world into a cataclysmic conflagration that future generations would not have to worry about, simply because there wouldn't be any future generations. First, the Saudis do NOT support terrorists in a political sense. There are no training camps there, and the money that comes "from" Saudi Arabia comes from disenfranchised Saudi citizens that would love nothing more than to overthrow the Saudi gorvernment right along with the governments of all the friends of Israel. Were we to attack Saudi Arabia, we would only be doing the work of the Islamo-fascists. If you want to look to the root of terrorism, look no further than Iran. They STILL train terrorists, and have from the beginning. When the Islamic extremists in Lebanon wanted to start hitting Israel, Iran sent experts and bomb-making material to Beruit and taught the young warriors there the way of the suicide bomber. You see, the Iranians INVENTED that tactic in their war with Iraq, and the martyr (idiot) that was the first suicide bomber is still celebrated as a hero in Iran some twenty or thirty years later, with a large billboard in the martyrs home town with his photo on it, posing with the strapped on explosives. "Allah Akbar", indeed. When the U.S. Marine barracks in Beruit were blown up in 1983 by a suicide truck bomber was using materials from Iran and a driver trained there. Every bomber that has blown themselves up in Israel has roots in Iran, either from materials provided, training or both. Hezbolah, in Lebanon, is armed and supported by Iran. Well, why, you might ask, are Afghanistan and Pakistan so prominent in the hunt for Osama bin Hidin'? Odama's claim to fame, even though he is from a wealthy Saudi family, is in the Afghanistan of the 1970's, when the Soviet Union was occupying that country. At the time, the local islamic fighters who would later become the Taliban called themselves the Mujahideen, and they fought and beat the Russians, driving them out in the early 1980's. The U.S. funded the Mujahideen, by the way, because we hated Russia at the time. Iran was also controlled by the Shah at the same time, and since we overthrew the duly elected Iranian president in the 1950's and put the Shah in power, Iran was our "friend" at the time. The Iranian people see the U.S. as a historical enemy, since we "changed their minds" about their free elections and democratic government and put the Shah in power, so that is why there is emnity between our countries now. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, another reason why the Iranians hate us is that when our good friend and ally, Saddam Hussein, president for life of Iraq decided that he wanted to invade Iran, we gave him aid in terms of intelligence sharing and even selling all kinds of weapons to help our "friend" wipe out the country that did that whole hostage thing with us once the Shah had been run out of the country. The Iranians are not innocent, by any stretch, but, the whole pot/kettle black thing really applies here. It is time to honestly re-assess the past, acknowledge the difficulties of the present, and try to go forward and stop jacking with other countries simply because we want to control the oil on the planet. That is the bottom line. It is estimated that Israel has around 1,000 nuclear warheads, all of which are ABSOLUTELY illegal by any global standards, and should we go to war with Iran, they wouldn't be too off base fror fearing a pre-emptive strike from the Israelis, never really known for their restraint or even humanity. Israel nukes Iran, and the next step is Russia is looking to swap some radioactive spit with us. Can't you see that THIS is the reason Dubya is so hot to get missle defense systems set up in Russia's backyard? Now, I've postulated all of this on the premise that you are a sane human being and do not want ANY nuclear devices to be detonated ANYWHERE on this planet. If you are stuck in the fifties and think a nuclear exchange is a survivable option, you are too far to the right for my words to reach you. At the very least, think of this: If we round up all of the "middle easterners" and put them into camps here, what happens to us if we are invaded and you are captured? Do you want to be put into a camp, just because you AREN'T from the middle east? Your ideas are far too dangerous for me to sit by and say nothing.

I voted for Bush. I can't even remember why. I did not vote for him in 2000 but all I can say is it is going to take years to undo the mess that this administration has caused. I too have lost faith in our political system. If our fore-fathers could see all the BS that has occured in the last 60 years, they would cringe!! I feel we have not fought a war in this country, to win, since WW2. We need to attack the real culprits. They would be, Saudia Arabia. There is a money pipe line that exists between our politicians and the Saudis. It is not just with the Bush family. Some day it will be uncovered and it will cease. When we fought WW2 we when about it in a way that had a recipie for success. We are not doing that here. We need to stop being politicly correct and do what has to be done. Recently our nation started to require a pass port for tarvel. You can not go to Canada,Mexico or the virgin islands with out one. At one time a birth certificate was all you needed. You can't even drive over our borders with out a pass port. While this may seem like a good way to secure our nation it should only be like that for people from the middle east. A person form the USA,Canada,Mexico or the Virgin Islands does not and will not pose a threat. This nation is so Hell bent on being politicly correct that it is afraid to do the right thing. We should not be allowing any peole from the middle east in. Those who are here need to be put in camps (like we did with the Japs) but that would not be viewed as politcly correct. I am not a hater of people from the middle eat but those who are here should be kept in isolation until we can decide if they pose a threat. We also have to stop kissing Saudia Arabia's ***!!!!!!!!!! Since fighting terrorisim is not like fighting a war between nations we need to get tough with the nations who support terrorisim. Ah does anyone think of Saudia Arabia when I say that???

i love you

I certainly would not disagree with this. Just wanted to tell you it was a very well thought out article.<br />
<br />

Soounds like someone watched Farenheit 9/11!!<br />
<br />
<br />
At least YOU have all your factds right. There are so many Bush haters out there that hate him just cause thats what everyone else does. Its good to see a forum (in particular this entry) Filled with mostly well informed, cherent folks! Way to go! He's outta here, though, in the next election. Not even Jeb can change THAT!!!

I want to know more.

wooohooooo!!! i SO agree with everything you've said!!!

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss. But my bliss was just shattered!!lol. Although I've not cared for the way Bush has handled the situation, I always felt we still need to stand strong as a nation, and stand behind the President. But after the points you just made, I also had this thought: If all of Germany had supported Hitler because he was their leader, where would Germany ended up, or even be now?