being military, i have to  be careful what i say about the president. but his choices play a big role on my life. n i believe he makes awful choices.  a lot of military like him cuz he gave us a raise. n believe me, we don't make that much $ so a raise is much needed. but he's spending so much money in iraq. he could be giving us a bigger raise, saving more american's money, and most importantly, saving a lot of american lives and heartaches. i won't get into why i don't believe in this war. i think by now everyone has heard all the reasons people are either for are against the war. i will just simply say that george bush is making my life hell right now.
mtaluv mtaluv
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How dare use talk a boot das fuhruh dat vay! Ant heez eez running das Fourth Reich das vay heez eez suppose to ant use noot like eet use shoot leave das United States of das Nazica ant move to anutter cuntree.<br />
Sig heil Herr Bush Wack! Long live das Furher!