We Got Screwed Over

We got screwed over its as simple as that. But i guess thats what happens when only about 17% of America's eligible voters actually vote. And of course the American people are just to damn lazy to even do **** about this crisis.
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8 Responses Mar 13, 2007

Bush was the worst possible thing that happened to our great nation he lied to our faces and invaded Iraq when the terrorists camp was in Afghanistan let me ask you hey Arnold do you know where the weapons of mass destruction are??? Because they weren't in Iraq in case you forgot.

refreshing you say? *jaw drops*

Bush was a refreshing president unlike the elitist douchbag liberals like the Kerry and Ted Kennedy

I agree. I have to admit that I don't vote...there just isn't anyone I agree with and I feel my non-vote is better than voting for someone terrible.

it really does bother the rest of the world a lot that the american people haven't done anything about it

you belive that your votes count when bush stole the election.just try and say twice in a row was a accident

not if machain gets in office it will be dictator bush all over again repubicans forget that the prez is a public servent not accoring to bush he does it his way the idiot

It's alright now, I think, with him almost gone (by. Jan 2009) so yeah...everything will be alright. Finger's crossed. And, as any Canadian neighbor will do, I'll pray for you guys :)