The End of the Republic

I've hated this guy ever since he stole the election from Al Gore. Everything he stands for is so anti-American: he was born to a rich family and had everything handed to him. Despite failing multiple times in business, they just kept giving him opportunities. He dodged serving in Vietnam. Despite his lack of intellectual acumen, they still let him graduate from Yale. 

I really, really hate him for his stupidity. This is a guy who is proud of what an ignorant dumbass he is. And when people correct him, he ignores it.

And seriously, he and his idiot administration have successfully torn down much of what makes this country great. He has shredded the Constitution, and now he is running our military ragged. I mean, we don't have enough equipment or armor. Soldiers are going for 3 or 4 extended tours now. Our planes are starting to fall apart.

He is the first President since James Madison to actually lose a city. He has done nothing to fix New Orleans. I honestly consider New Orleans a casualty of this so-called War on Terror. If our National Guard wasn't stuck in Iraq, maybe it wouldn't have been as bad as it was.

Then there's the fact of how horribly he handled September 11. Instead of being brave and refusing to be cowed, he flew around in Air Force One, and they concocted this stupid story about being targeted by terrorists. Right. That smelled like bullshit from day one. Instead of telling us all not to be afraid, and not to let the terrorist win, he gives us those stupid color coded terrorist warnings. I remember watching the news and seeing Bill Clinton being interviewed, and I wished that he had still been president. He wouldn't've continued to feed our fears, to make us fear our own shadows, to make us into informants on each other, to make us hate brown people. Instead of reassuring us, W capitalized on it politically, and used it nonsensically as a rationale for invading Iraq, despite the fact that anyone who had half a brain knew that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were mortal enemies.

I hate W for turning this country into a theocracy that favors ignorance instead of enlightenment. I hate how he's starved science of funding, and how he gutted education with the cruelly named No Child Left Behind act. Because of this alone, we are doomed in the next generation or so to be a nation of idiots with nothing to contribute intellectually to the world community. Instead of being an engine of innovation, we will become increasingly parasitic, feeding off the labor and profiting from, guess who, brown people.

This guy has ruined this country. When historians look back and ask when the U.S. started to decline, they'll pinpoint it to the election of 2000, and the long, sorry reign of W.
victorious victorious
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2 Responses May 10, 2007

Well written victorious. Reading that story it was like reading something I would have written or said. Good job!!!

Nicely put... The last eight years have been disturbing, to say the least.<br />
I just don't think many people knew how to respond to 9/11 and in a sense gave Bush permission to destroy the constitution.<br />
I wonder how our country will mend itself.