The Meanest Terrorist Ever

He claimed he was bringing sovereignty to Iraq, but all he brought was death and destruction. The people of Iraq don't want Americans there but he refuse to leave. Instead he is responsible for hundreds of lives daily, Iraqis and Americans. When saddam was ruler these people weren't blowing themselves up,but they are now because they would rather die than live with the american puppet ruler they have now. You can not force democracy on a country and, thats what Bush is trying to do. George Bush violates every principle on which America stands. He is definitely terrorizing the innocent people of Iraq, what Americans don't know is that 90% of the Iraqi people don't want the soldiers there. And it's been said by Iraqi leadership that if the U.S troops leave the suicide bombings will cease.            
bornsuperior bornsuperior
18-21, M
May 19, 2007