As I Have Said ...

As i have said before i truly dislike the word *hate* so i replace it with dislike (for most people) And although I am Canadian, I can say with CERTAINTY that I STRONGLY DISLIKE George W Bush and with his Patriot Act and complete disregard for the growing number of U.S. Citizens seeing the hypocrisy in the IRAQI war the use of the term HATE is becoming a close reality for me. Now I don't know much about the Iraqi war, well perhaps thats because Bush has quite literally censored the press with regards to handing out too many facts, but what I do know is despicable, in my opinion.

Please do not take my HATE for this war, as being ignorant to the very BRAVE women and men who are fighting it. I bless and pray for each and everyone of them!!

But this is the limited knowledge that I do know; 655,000 INNOCENT Iraqi civilians have so far DIED in this war.

Bin Laden is NOT in Iraq, but yes the oil is.

President Bush (and I can't wait till he is GONE), has not yet gone to even ONE soldier's funeral, yet he can make a pathetic appearance on American Idol????? Where the hell is his common sense? Oooops my mistake He doesn't have any!!

Since when does President Bush think he has the RIGHT to force other countries and cultures to BE Democratic???? And what about the Democratic Rights of the U.S. Citizens??? Is it not total hydroxy to FORCE a country to be Democratic? HELL YOU will be Democratic and we know it is BEST for you (after all I am President Bush) so we will FORCE DEMOCRACY on you by KILLING you and are own Soldiers!!

OK, I'll stop ranting, I just want to see the troops come home ASAP instead of allowing the increasing carnage (human life's) grow and grow. Bring the SOLDIERS home and PRAY that their return will not be like the return of the unfortunate Veterans of the Viet Nam War.

As the sad saying goes, IF we forget our history, it is bound to repeat itself!!

Bless the Soldiers and damn it yes I guess I do HATE George W Bush!!

AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 22, 2007