I Respect & Admire George Bush

The guy has a difficult row to hoe and he has stayed the course despite his numerous detractors in the press howling after him like a pack of striped-*ss baboons . . . just remember the single most hated President in the history of the United States was a man named Abraham Lincoln - he was accused of being a military dictator and his accusors had valid reason to their claims.  Half the country was out to kill him and in the end they succeeded, and for over a hundred years he was viewed as a tyrant and a barbarian down here in the South.  Yet despite all this today if you go to Washington DC the greatest monument in that beautiful city is an enormous Greek temple dedicated to the memory of the man so many hated for so long.

I'm not saying Bush is Lincoln, but consider how he will be viewed through the context of history.  Everything said about Bush was said about Winston Churchill during HIS lifetime, and he went down in history as the man who saved Western Civilization.  Thank God we had Bush on 9/11 and not the alternative - Saddam's rape rooms & torture factories would still be in operation and Osama bin Laden would be a nuclear-armed terrorist.   

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Correction~~ i type you name as stormbringer I ment sturmbringener.

Antiyou--How can you say that help was not sent to the hurricane victims in louisiana? Help was sent to them. You cant expect help to be there instantly it takes a little time to set up help crews to go in there. Did you know that they took every little advantage of the help that they got too. They where given temp homes to live in and when they left those homes they took the sinks, tolits. and everything of value with them. They completly looted those temp homes. I live in texas and sadly enough ten thousand of those people where brought here in the town I live in. They got free living in our apartments here for two months. After those 2 months were up they also trashed up and stole everything out of those apartments that they could get! Everytime I came across one of those people they would make crude comments to the white local residents. They made everything that was wrong in their lives a race type issue. By far the wrost group of people ive ever seen. I dont think those people deserved one ounce of help. We should have let them rot where we found them.

I agree with you stormbringer. Ive backed bush the entire 8 years he has been in office. I support the war because I realize that freedom isnt free. The problem today is that the libs are over running this country. To those on here that say its all the younger people who hate bush then yall are wrong. Im only 23.

hmmmm.... hadn't heard from you in awhile sturm...

I respect your point of view PaperRoses. I appreciate the way you express yourself . . . a breath of fresh air . . .

also, the reason lincoln was viewed as a tyrant was because he was trying to free the slaves at a time when over half the country had slaves, so duh, most people hated the idea of losing their slaves.

sturmbringener,<br />
maybe i'm too young to know, but i thought lincoln was a great president, to my knowledge isnt he responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation. <br />
as for people down south viewing him as a tyrant and barbarian, i live in south texas, you cant get more south than that. and i cant even think of one person who has ever tried to sway me to think ill of president lincoln. <br />
with that said, how can you consider a man who freed the slaves to be a worse president than the one who cant even help hurricane victims in louisiana. <br />
also, lincoln never took us to war, not to mention a pointless war that is simply funded by our nations greed for oil. and by stating our nation, i dont mean our citizens, i mean our politicians. <br />
if i were picking the worst president, i would have to say bush is number one. sure nixon had water gate and reagan had the cold war. but bush, all hes done is go to a 3rd world country and devestate it, and he devestated our budget while doing so. and who do you think is gonna fix that. you guessed it, the taxpayers. me, you, and every other american citizen. oh but perhaps not the rich, according to their trickle-down theory.<br />
also, sturmbringener, if you respect and admire bush, what the hell are you doing in the 'i hate bush' group

Who wasn't shut out... You were agreeing and nice while others, whether they had legitamite arguements or not, they were argueing with sturmbringener... I am not saying that they or he is right just that it seemed incredibly angry and not about the cause...

I wasn't saying that You did Marji. I was saying that you were the only one who wasn't... No harm meant to any party...

I believe that a lot people in politics and the military and the media have made poor decisions in the past 100 years. It would be impossible to blame President Bush or any past President for that matter for things that are listed in above comments. Things are the way they are (the fact that so many 'hate' America I mean). Going around bashing President Bush or any President is superfluous. What are you going to prove? That you want to debate with someone you don’t know on a computer. There are few things that I agree with or even disagree with on this post and the comments listed. What I do believe is that people think that they are educated but do not have facts to back up opinions. Or people think that certain things entitle them to a strong-no-one-can-ob<x>ject to me opinions. I am not saying sturmbringener is wrong or right (or that anyone is) I am saying that it looks like you just shut anyone out accept someone who was agreeing with you (no disrespect Marji) The forum here is kind of supposed to be one where people can talk and share opinions… At least that is my opinion. And as far as Respecting & Admiring George Bush; I don’t especially. But I would never be disrespectful to the man… Whether in an informal post or in conversation.

Bless your heart Marji, and thank you for your support. You don't know how much this means, as an American soldier, to hear these words spoken . . .<br />
<br />
. . . sturmbringener sends . . .

NOT BILLY you are obviously a liberal with point of view dictated by your (un-original)) emotional feelings . . . try to substantiate your strident claims . . . Bush is worst president? Try LBJ (if you even know who that is) or perhaps Jimmy Carter - it is Carter we have to thank for letting the Ayatollah Khomeini into power and giving rise to the phenomena of Islamic Fundamentalism . . . on the Sites of Sturmbringener you're allowed to your opinion . . . even if it's wrong . . . the only rule is you must be able to quantify what you say with fact, logic and reason . . . no irrational Bush hatred here . . . facts NOTBILLY give us facts . . .

I think George W Bush is the worse in the last 100 years but if I had to choose nest worst I would go with Nixon not Reagan, but he's a close third on that list!

WOW,WOW, thank you for your awesome comment. I believe a lot of the people that are so judgemental toward our president, are young and have not seen a lot as the older ones have. Our country has been hated since the hills were here. An older consevative american

You display colossal ignorance on so many different levels here ElLagarto that it’s difficult to decide where to begin, but there’s no way I was going to let you get away with your outrageous comments.<br />
<br />
Ronald Reagan was so incredibly successful as President that not even his political opponents the Democrats dare impugn his name – you’re just a hater. Check it out: Ronald Reagan not only stared the communists eyeball-to-eyeball and made them bl<x>ink, made them back down, ultimately bankrupting their Evil Empire; he inherited an economy in shambles from Jimmy Carter and turned it around. Reagan’s tax cuts initiated the greatest period of economic expansion the world has ever witnessed – we are still enjoying the benefits of his economic stewardship. <br />
<br />
Your spew about Bush signing death warrants seems to overlook a certain global terrorist entity known as al Qaeda which is DIRECTLY responsible the 3500+ war dead, never mind the 3000+ who died on September 11th and the tens of thousands they’ve killed worldwide before and since.<br />
<br />
The 3500+ dead are a tragedy, but this is the terrible price we pay for freedom. A relatively small price to pay when you consider we lost more than that in the space of a day in Normandy, France in June 1944. I suppose you would prefer the Taliban to still be supporting global terror and oppressing their own citizens, and for Saddam Hussein’s horrific regime to still be in business.<br />
<br />
On other fronts, I like George Bush’s tax cuts and the economic growth they have generated – we are currently enjoying 4% unemployment – a statistical zero. <br />
<br />
Bush turned America into the most hated nation in the world? Puh-leeze – you really haven’t been around, have you? The world has hated us AT LEAST since the Truman Administration decided to support the State of Israel in 1948. What about all the terrorist attacks the Arabs have perpetuated against us, and all the attacks against American commercial and diplomatic interests in the Third World? The hatred of America has gone on LONG BEFORE Bush or even Reagan took office – That’s what we get for standing up for the Little Guy. <br />
<br />
Worst US President? Try Jimmy Carter for size: he gave us the Ayatollah Khomeini, who in turn ushered in the current Islamic Fundamentalism and subsequent nihilistic terrorist movements that Western Civilization is now at war with. Jimmy Carter also gave away the Panama Canal, raped the US military, and left the US economy in a shambles with double-digit inflation, by the time he left office. It HAS taken us decades to recover from his naïve, altruistic bumbling.<br />
<br />
Check it out; the reason I didn’t get back to you earlier was I was busy yesterday and today conducting airborne operations with the Force Recon Marines at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. What have you done for your God & Country today?<br />
<br />
Standing By,<br />

W - Bush has done the impossible. He has snatched the title of "Worst American President of the Past 100 Years" from the cold, dead hands of Reagan - who seemed destined to keep it indefinitely. Bush has single-handedly turned America into the most hated nation in the world. He has personally signed the death warrants of over 3,000 Americans - (dead U.S. soldiers in Iraq) - which exceeds the number of Americans killed on 9/11. He has done nothing to help any of the nation's actual problems and his arrogance and egotism seem to rise to such epic proportions that he doesn't even listen to his own advisors. It will take decades to recover from the damage he's done.