No One Died When Clinton Lied

I REALLY REALLY HATE HIM. Why can't someone just assassinate him already? I mean COME ON!! If ANYbody should be assassinated, it should be him!! What an ***.
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DUH! How many people have died because he let Usama Bin Laden go free? Good Gosh people. Are you saying that for every war we have been in, that president is a murderer? I don't think you are being very logical or realistic about this. Clinton had more than one chance to bring Usama Bin Laden to heel for his known terrorism but he let him go IN FAVOR OF OIL INTERESTS!! <BR><BR>Look it up, it's the truth.<BR><BR>PS What does Bush have to do with the Columbine killings?

You all dont know the half of it. Go seek out 911truth or movies like alex jone's terrorstorm. <br />
<br />
Things are not what they seem.

I agree, our society is becoming more and more violent. What you accept you teach. Clinton did not perform a violent act in the oval room, but his wife accepted it. My opinion she was thinking of her own political career!!

Well I hadn't even heard of the USS Cole suicide bombing until I looked it up after you mentioned it. <br />
<br />
If you're going to bring up stuff like that.... I live in Littleton, CO. So what about the Columbine killings, etc?? Actually I won't even get started on that, but the list goes on. <br />
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In the Wikipedia it states:<br />
"President Bill Clinton declared, "If, as it now appears, this was an act of terrorism, it was a despicable and cowardly act. We will find out who was responsible and hold them accountable". Some critics have pointed out that, under U.S. law, an attack against a military target does not meet the legal definition of terrorism."<br />
<br />
I don't agree with what Clinton did to his wifes' trust, but she seems to have coped well and is more powerful now than she ever was before.<br />
<br />
And lastly, "No one died when Clinton lied" is a catchy slogan I used to make my story stand-out (that I agree with when looked at as a summary). It appears to have worked. Thanks for all the input everyone! :)

Whaaa! the USS Cole, what about all the people that have died in Iraq, not just the Americans but the Iraqis too!

If no one died when Clinton lied ,what about the USS COLE? Also his wifes trust?

Well, I was only exaggerating when I mentioned assassination.. But he IS a horrible person for killing others and cheating his way into office... He has been on VACATION like 40-60% of the time he has been president! That is MESSED UP!! If you haven't already seen "Fahrenheit 9/11" you should check it out.

They should make a rule that anyone with an IQ under 105 should not be allowed in office. However, killing, would be stooping to his level.

BUSHY BUSH does not care about PEOPLE or he would not continue with this never ending KILLING. He is one STUBBORN DONKEY

I don't really wish him dead. I just can't stand him and it's so frustrating!

You don''t know what hate is. I saw hate in a place called Prijidor, in the Serbian side of Bosnia. They lined up about ten thousand people in a brick factory and killed them with power tools. That was hatred. <br />
I am not a hater. I have no room in my heart for hate. I do not wish assassination upon anybody, except maybe Osama bin Laden, and even then it would be better to capture him alive and keep him in a cage in Guantanamo.

I share your feelings. The worst thing about him is how nonchalant and uncaring he is about the concerns and desires of the country he is supposed to REPRESENT!!! Also George Bush doesn't care about black people. Or poor people. Or sick people.