Divorced From the Masses

George Bush has never lived in the reality that most of the US population faces day-to-day. To me, he represents what wealth does to people. How can he have real opinions on welfare reform or education funding when he's been sheltered, privileged and fed with a silver spoon all his life? I'm disgusted that our nation's leader represents the exact opposite of the 'American dream.' This country is supposed to be about opportunity and talented people being able to overcome negative circumstance. Bush is unintelligent, undisciplined, irresponsible (cocaine and a 1.9 GPA?!) and has succeeded because of his wealthy and well-respected family.
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You know ... I've never understood precisely what happened - how Georgie got elected. I'm fairly certain it had something to do with congress (and other political powers that be) believing (due to his less than average intelligence, inexperience in life, and his idiotic self chosen hardships) that he'd make an easy puppet - someone they could bend at their own will to further their own agenda. <br />
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Whatever it was ... I hope we've all learned our lesson with this one and make wiser decisions at the polls in 08. It's going to take one heckuva leader to undo all the de'bush'ery. (aka debachery) ...<br />
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Best thing we can do is get involved locally or as high up as possible, at the very least educate ourselves beyond what the media is spewing about the candidates, listen with discernment to the debates, track their platforms and responses to issues and see who is waivering, who's had what experience in life, who's intelligence is where, what's in their background, etc. We as a nation MUST become proactive or we are dooming ourselves politically, financially, industrially, educationally, health wise, and so on (including global relations.)<br />
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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. <br />
life = death<br />
Life in America (on this rock for that matter) will inevitably come to an end. I'd think, as advanced as we humans are - as much information we have at our fingertips - etc., that we'd be able to extend life rather than finish it off with yet another 'stupid' decision for our leaders ...<br />
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get informed, people!

Well said! I don't agree that people without the necessary life experience can't make good decisions about an area (otherwise your political system would need to be changed from a democracy to some sort of experience based system?). But I very much liked that last sentence. It still boggles the heck out of me why the US elected a leader whose intelligence is quite possibly *below* avergae :P What the???