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I'm getting better at hating Bush...sending my daughter to war!!!Thank God she came back.....I now...Know he does not have much upstairs....He believes he knows what he is doing.....When EVERYONE says you are wrong...When most countries hate you....This is a man whose brain capacity is so limited it can no longer take advise or comprehend what he is doing....Bye Bye Bush....PLEASE let the way come to an end    NOW   NOW   NOW...The USA is Not responsible for the rest of the world...Take care of stuff HERE!  BOBO Bush.  
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1 Response Jul 15, 2007

I didn't know hating was something someone actually worked at, hummm Hating 101 I take it your daughter is in the Military of her own choice knowing what it may intail. He was elected for his second term , so I guess if he has little or no brains over 50 % of the population, has less brains....