I Don't Really Hate George Bush

I am a lifelong, liberal, gay Democrat, and I cannot think of one single thing George Bush did with which I agreed.  I list just a few below:

George Bush & his mentor, Mr. Cheney, seemed to me to work as hard as they could to redistrube the wealth in this country from the top down (starting, of course, with themselves & their unscrupulous poltical comrades-in-arms).  He worked hard to destroy any stumbling blocks to the richest of the rich & the giant corporations earning more & more money on the backs of the rest of us. 

In my humble opinion, during the campaign of 2000, he railed against "nation building", but--the moment he could create a chance--he decided to build a new Iraq, pumping untold billions & billions of our hard-earned dollars out of our country at a time when there was so much good he could have done with that money right here.  Worse than that, though, the former occupant of the White House lied us into war & he used the brave young men & women in our military as fodder for his crusade to get back at the man who threatened his daddy (Papa Bush).

He & his corrupt administration also indulged their ugly appetite for political crusades.  There was no tool of his office or any part of the US government that he hesitated using to destroy and malign his political enemies.  He behaved as if he were a government unto himself who saw no need to bother with any pesky rules or laws meant for the bourgeoisie and the untouchables in American society, beleiving that if the President does it, that automatically makes it legal!  If you look at how he "governed", you couldn't help but believe that he saw himself as "King George" instead of an American President accountable to the people for whom he was hired to work.  He surrounded himself with "Yes" men and women, who dared not speak a word of caution or dissent.  He was kept from any bad news, and got filtered to him whatever Cheney thought he needed to know.  It wouldn't surprise me if his minions switched all the TVs to Fox News & then chucked all the remotes.  All Faux All The Time.

As far as I'm concerned, he showed absolute disdain & contempt for the rule of the law by trying to get his loyal gal pal, Harriet Myers, a seat on the Supreme Court.  That choice was as disastrous and as "well thought out" as John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin to be his political soul-mate in the last election.  Georgie Boy didn't care how it looked or what the consequences of placing someone as personally connected to the President who sought to seat her on the highest court in the land would be.  Feeling the consequences for your actions only applied if you were of the wrong political stripe (anything to left of Atilla the Hun).  In my opinion, he was trying to get a sure vote on the Court for the time when he would eventually be brought to some kind of "justice".  As usual, it was all about him & his good ol' Texas buds.

For me personally, one of the greatest travesties Baby Bush tried to perpetrate on our country was his proposal for a Constitutional Amendment to bar same-sex couples from legally wedding the person they love.  Calling our love a threat to the "sanctity" of marriage, an institution that he said was under attack.  To this day, I don't know how he could see gay people as being the cause of the downfall of marriage.  If there was a problem with the institution of marriage, how could you blame people who can't even enjoy the right to marry????  If you really believe that marriage needs saving, why wouldn't you think of something else equally as stupid but at least directly related to marriage's downfall, like--say--OUTLAWING DIVORCE!  But no.  That would hurt heterosexual people, and heterosexual people are the victims here, right??  Gay people, who can't even marry, are the ones who deserve the extra-special punishment of having their second-class citizenship carved into Constitutional stone.  I can't even find it in myself to credit Georgie Bush with even really believing what he was saying about gay people & marriage.  He was simply pandering to the hard political Right in America, firing them up with the "Us vs. Them" stuff that the neo-cons ate up as if it were BIg Macs from Heaven, so as to scare them enough to motivate them to vote for everyone with an (R) after their name on the ballot.  I am still surprised & dismayed at how successful that piece of Machiavellian political hackery was.  I guess, it's like they say, nothing succeeds like success!

There is MUCH more I COULD write, but I will save anyone who reads this any further torture (oh, don't get me started on torture....).

I just want to say that--in spite of all the foregoing & all the other crap Dubya had his hands in--I DO NOT HATE GEORGE BUSH.  I HATE what he did to our wonderful country, and I HATE that he left such a huge mess for President Obama to try to dig us out of, and I HATE that he contributed toward fear & hatred in our country at a time when we needed as much as ever to be ONE PEOPLE.  Having been the object of hate for simply being ME, I know the devastating power of it & how it can sap so much more of the life's energy out of the person doing the hating than it does from the object of the hate.  I hate no one.  That doesn't mean I liked or could tolerate or agreed with Dubya in the slightest, I hope I've have made it clear that I do not and could not.  It just means that I refuse to expend even one moment handing over to that man the ability to still control any part of my life by giving in to the basest of human emotions:  hatred.

But, while I cannot hate the man (or anyone, really), I also CANNOT forgive what he did to our country.

That's my two cents, anyway.

MisterC MisterC
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thank you, Viarandini, for taking the time to read my post. Considering I've been called much worse than "sick", and though I'm sure you probably didn't mean it that way, your review of my post is almost a compliment! I was afraid that my friend, sugarfooties, was going to be the only person to comment on my post.<br />
<br />
I don't have to worry about that any more! :-)<br />
<br />
P.S. Still not a Dubya fan, but I also still don't hate him. He's just not worth it.

MisterC, You're a sick man. Thanks for posting your 2 cents, that's about all it was worth.

WOW!!! Thank you for articulating so many of my feelings with such style!