I Always Hate It Afterwards

I really hate going to have it cut because it always comes out looking terrible.  The last time I had it cut I cried for 3 days because she made such an awful mess of it.  But it is getting so bad now, and the gray is beginning to take over so I must have something done.   A couple of my friends just had theirs done by a girl that they both know and she did a fabulous job so I am hoping that she can do something with my hair.  It is very fine, thin and curly with lots of split ends so it tends to frizz up a lot. And I color it constantly because there is so much gray in it. 

I'm going to have it done tomorrow and I am dreading it--wish me luck--I hope it turns out OK.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2008

Thanks. I just got back home. After a bit of fussing I like it. They always use a dryer on me and it looks so much better if they would just let it air dry. I guess thy don't want you leaving with wet hair. I love the color--she kept it red but added highlights and lowlights and it looks so much better without all that gray.

hey, how'd the hair cut go??<br />
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im somewhat displeased with my own haircut at the moment- but i will just have to wait for it to grow out and move on ;-)<br />
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I hope you had luck