Old and Getting Older

So any body out here feel the same ?????/  I really don't like the 40's rather be a kid again.

bluejeanbaby8 bluejeanbaby8
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5 Responses May 29, 2008

I know. I really do. I'm 28 and a mom and I feel so ancient, especially when I see young teens with there pert bodies all around me. It hurts, as its something i'll never have again. i am quite vain, sad to say and becoming invisible to the opposite sex. Rare if I merit so much as a glance these days, and in my teens I got attention every day. I have been told I look young, however men are not that fooled. Men know an oldie when they see one! :'((

The forties are ok, you wait till your fifties; you think you are invisible now- boy!! It is so much harder when you used to turn heads and now its only stomachs. The 'dogs bottom mouth' is a really special feature. OK I have wisdom and confidence but I'd rather have my looks back.

I hate getting older too, I am 51 and have held up pretty well, but I am beginning to see a different person in the mirror, and my body is changing along with new, mysterious aches and pains. So helpless, not being able to stop the clock. And also the invisible cloak is starting to drop, which happens to a lot of women(and I would imagine men too) past 40, no one notices me anymore... So depressing... I am glad I am healthy, have friends and a decent career, but wish the aging process was in reverse- old to young would work for me and then just disappear.

It's vain and its petty, but I hate the watching myself get old part. Physically I'm fine. But I hate that I have eye bags and some freaky dent in my left cheek, and lest I forget, the gorgeous nasiolabial folds. Beautiful! I look tired when I'm not and I look freaking ancient when I am tired. I hate it. I also hate youngsters making way for me as if I'm 85 already. I may not be 18 but I'm hardly ready for the old folks home....

I like the wisdom that comes with getting older - you make fewer mistakes. I dislike the physical limitations of getting older. I don't care what those physically fit older peoples say about still being able to move like a young person. Let me just put it out there- you don't. You may be able to do the moves but you move noticeably slower and you probably ache at night.