I bought a new mouse & keyboard today (USB corded, not wireless like I used to have which died yesterday, I really didn’t need wireless) My XP Pro system said it couldn’t detect the mouse drivers and that the device may not work properly. The box says no software necessary for XP and the documentation in the package said go to a Logitech website and click links that didn’t exist. I called their support line (not an 800#) and spent over an hour talking to a clueless idiot in Pakistan which will probably cost me more than I paid for the damn mouse in the first place. First he demanded my email before referring me to a driver link (which I told him was ridiculous and refused) then he told me the package should have come with a CD even though the package said no software needed, and he then instructed me to download an 80MB program for a lousy corded $10 mouse that doesn’t supposedly need any software to work. **** just gets better & better! Thanks Logitech, you suck!!!!

neonshades neonshades
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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

add them to gopeoplefax.com and warn others!