But I Loved Seeing Other Get Spanked

especially with their pants down
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This is for all those sick, perverted ******** (who did and or did not get spanked) but did not liked getting spanked themselves but, enjoyed seeing and delivering punishment to suspecting others: You can use some MALAYSIAN CANING with extra 20 strokes(watch Malaysian canning video) and at the same time TREAT yourselves to a nice long holding time of 1hr with a balloon nozzle greased with vicks vapor rubbed shoved up your satanic ***** MILK OF MOLASSES ENEMA while listening to Donna Sommers "Love to love you" over and over until you croak. Of, course Donna Sommers will be moaning and groaning with ecstasy oblivious to your well deserved excruciating pain and torture moans and groans. I for one, was spanked as a child but with loving parents. Second, there is a proper way of disciplining someone (not torturing them and enjoying them suffering). And, third, I don't advocate any type of violence towards anybody but, there is such thing as Karma(what goes around comes around) and, eternal Hell(where you evil people are heading and deserve to be with Satan torturing you in all bad ways possible) while good saved Christians die and go to Heaven to meet the maker who instilled corporal punishment as a learning, loving tool to grow and be obedient, god like and fearing disciples. And, as a well deserved TREAT, good Christians who have made it to be with god forever will get to witness all of your pain and suffering vip ring side with unlimited to the winner goes the spoils atmosphere 24/7 without the worries of bad karma coming back to bite them like you morons. That is a fact . Read your bibles. My advice: get right with God and those you have wronged. Change your wicked ways. God understands that no one is perfect and that it takes time to change. If, someone has wronged you, forgive them and ask for forgiveness yourself. And, depending on what that individual has done to you, seek justice in a civilized and lawful manner. Don't wish anything bad (it will come back to you). And, lastly,wether you believe in God or not,HE,GOD says"Vengence is mine"). Take a really good look at what is going on all around the world everyday no matter what the situation is all of us is suffering up to some point some more than others. I have said my peace. Thanyou.

Spanking a child is horrible, barbaric, and emotionally damaging. There are far better ways to help our children grow into self respecting and well adjusted adults than beating them into submission. Now... OTK between consenting adults for fulfillment, erotic or otherwise, thats a whole other topic....

Lol u seem like a naughty girl that needs her pants taken down n spanked :) ty spnkbooty

In my childhood I often witnessed my friend getting a hiding with the belt..laying across his bed with his white or cream trunks on, and his strict Aunt laying it on. On two occasions, she gave me a good hiding as well...of course, my friend and I indulged in some nice tlc afterwards! I loved him to bits!!!

I was spanked a few times by my freinds Mom for cussing at there house when i was 16, bare all for sure,him and his two sisters saw everything before spanking during and afterwards ,I had to stand in a corner with soap in my mouth for over a hour ,with my sore red butt on display,when i got home My Aunt re tore my butt up with a brush , and back in corner i went

help me someone!! I'm 11 and last night my daddy took my phone for yelling at my sister, after he took my pho I yelled at him and smacked him. he usually wets my butt and spanks me bare butt, but this time he did it with my cloths on and only 3 hits. He stopped himself and said "no. I know that you know you have done wrong, so I'm going to give you 3 days to think a good punishment" so can yall help me? What would you do to your child? Oh a I cursed at him.

He probably put water or some other liquid on it because wet bottoms hurt more than dry ones. (Ask any kid who has wet their pants and then gotten spanked over them.)


Well I really don't think that all of this spankings business is any better than the way the Sir Lancelot was lower than King Arthur and also the bunch who make a social ideal out of spanking seem to be getting it off. Also the people who are really more spanked are the ones who would believe in other embarrassments where it doesn't get all femmed up so much and okay I admit it I also really liked it when KellyAdams who thought that she was so clever got spanked by her stepmother as reported in the comments: KellyAdams, July 5 in the group I Saw Someone Get Spanked, "I Enjoyed Watching." And also I liked the haircut.

What an EXCELLENT idea!! Well done you! I bet you always hoped the kids would be naughty!

Yes I'm afraid my sisters got a lot of entertainment from watching me get my bare bottom spanked and do my cornertime as well! and as a result I thought getting to watch them in the same position was fun too, at least it was except for when I was next in line!

Yes, please do so!

Poor boy!

not only do i like to watch i like to spank too