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Hate It

I hate getting spanked, i always get spanked bare bottom and it is usally done in public. I cant believe it is ok for parents to take my clothes off and hit my butt, but it must be fun being the spanker or watching it. And last month i got spanked bare infront of 2 girls, it was so embarassing.
DannyRedan DannyRedan 13-15, M 9 Responses Oct 10, 2011

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I love it

sorry for that

Danny mommy wants you to hate being spanked so you remember to behave.

danny please add me

A solid spanking is a must when you deserve it. When you are under 18 you usually don't have any choise - it belongs to your parents.<br />
When you are older and still need spanking you could be in situation that you would decide about your spanking.<br />
Solid spanking is A MUST when you deserved it and you are in BLUE MOOD.

i always laugh when any of my brothers get spanked, especially Clay, the eldest, but i swiftkly learned not to laugh avout it around dad as i would get spanked to! not very hard though and only with his hand. but somtimes i forget.

Of course you hate it your supposed to hate it the idea is to reinforce not to do it again. Yes it hurts and its embarrassing but its necessary

change ur behavior look at what thing do they spank u stop it and spanking will stop automatically

My daughters are 9 & 13 & i smack their bare bottoms & i have done in public as well,although not recently.My eldest keeps telling me shes too old to have her bottom smacked,her behaviour tells me different!

Do you like spanking them?

danny do you get spanked alot

my mum smacks me in public if i misbehave and it is sooo embarrassing.

Spanked in public wow

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