Spanked Infront Of Principal

On the second day of last summer i came home from my friends house and i saw my principal talking to my Mom. Mommy told me that i got sent to the office for getting in trouble 9 times. Mom told me to take all of my clothes off, i could tell that the principal was excited to see me get spanked. I had to bend over mommys lap and then get spanked butt facing the principal and got 25 smacks after that i was trying to get off her lap and i was saying im sorry when i was crying, she just smacked me harder. I had to turn so im facing the principal and i had to say sorry and what i did while i get spanked so i said (im sorry, i was being a naughty boy and deserve to get spanked). The principal was enjoying her self, Mommy told me to put a diaper on so i did. I then had to make the principal tea in a diaper. This was the worst part, mom told her that she can punish me so she takes her belt off and makes me lean againsed the sofa and then pulls my diaper down. Then she smacks me with her belt really hard15 times, i was crying like a baby, then the principal said that i have been a bad boy. When it was over i could see my butt really red and then i put the diaper back on and she went home happy. It then hurt to sit down and by the way the principal is a girl. Please Comment
DannyRedan DannyRedan 13-15, M 20 Responses Oct 27, 2011

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That's hot!!!!

This sounds more like an attempted erotica targetting fetishees instead of an actual story
On the weird offchance that its true, move out at 18 and get a damned life
You could have walked out at that time too
And btw adding the diaper part, definately makes it a fake or a sick twisted mom with a masochistic son(for going through with it)
Where did she get the diaper from that perfectly fit you if the principal JUST came...

lol i think this story is fake

they did the right thing

Wow....this is incredibly messed up...I just read one on here that said a 19 year old still gets spanked. That's just disturbing. You are an adult at 18. And getting spanked at age 26? Wtf? This is pretty sick.

This one is wrong! When does the principal have that right??? This is wrong!

We're you ever punished by her again more formal at school. I presume you did get into trouble again

I get spanked but this is kinda extreme and in 2011 i havent heard of anyone ever getting spanked infort of there principal or a mom letting someone spank there own child thats scary

No offense,but your mom and your principle are both *******. If it keeps up you can call children services on heir ***** or cal, the cops. You can do call the cops or children services right now actually for that's child abuse.

Teddydoll, <br />
Wait for the teddy and the doll to grow up, before you make such ugly comments to people with more insight than you have.

You all sick and weird

Did you have any such experiences after this one?

Dang that much have sucked SO BAD !

That's true, Heather!

Dmbrown, that makes sense to me.

it sounds like you were trying to get spanked being sent to the principles office 9 times you should of got the belt for all the spanking not just the last 15

You need to be spanked by a male. I think you should be dressed in just a little pair of briefs and go over my knee. I will then give you a good spanking on your briefs before pulling them down and giving your bare bottom a good hard spanking with my hand until your bottom is on fire.

it looks like if i lived in your house i could never sit down!

that sounds really good jejejeje

Thanks for your answer.

Do you like being spanked by a female?

Its better than a male

Why were you sent to the principal 9x? Seems like the spanking should have been earlier