My Uncle And Aunt!

Well.. A few weeks ago I moved to my uncle and aunt.. Lets make the story short, I was hanging around the wrong persons, and well I was taking drugs and smoking weed.. My mum threw me out and when I didn't show up for school she found me and called my uncle.. He came and got me and now I am staying with him, my aunt and two cousins.
Anyway, my uncle is really strict, so he got a lots of rules. And he truly believe that spanking is the best form of punishment. I had only been spanked twice by my mum ever. (my dad passed away when I was 12..)
The first day I got here I was still really messed up, I think I had 5 packs of smoke in my bag and a bottle off whiskey.. Well I went to "my room" and I smoked a pack off my smoke and my uncle came in, he yelled at me and told me to get my butt down to his office right away, of course I did so, I was scared..  When he came down behind me, he told me to drop my pants. Well I told him no cause I didn't think he really was going to make me.. I was wrong I can't really remember how, but he got my pants down really fast and bent me over his desk, I think he whipped me about 15 times and I was crying like a baby.. he then sent me upstairs to get the rest off the smoke and give it to him..

The second time I got spanked was by my aunt, I was being a trouble kid all day, during supper I got mad and yelled to my aunt that she was a *****, I know it was wrong.. Well she got my cousin to ran upstairs and get her hairbrush. She told me to drop my pants.. I was begging her to at least spank me in my room, knowing my cousin would be watching if she did it in the kitchen, it didn't work, she got me over her knee and spanked me until I cried.. most cause I was embarrassed. Both my cousins are girls, and they are 11 and 14, I am 15.. My aunt then washed my mouth with soap and sent me to the corner. after 15 minutes she sent me upstairs to my room and told me to go to bed..
 - My auntie and Uncle are really strict, but I still love them very much :)
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Sounds like you need the discipline, but don't know if spanking is right for a 15 year old. So, stay good - you should know right from wrong at your age!

No problem by believing it!<br />
You must always believe in yourself. Keep it up!

Maybe the spanking will remind you to keep to the rules!

'like' even though your story i sad in some places some of your comments are brilliant!

Oh O, My heart is so heavy reading your story, your A/Uncle do think they are doing the just thing for you, but I feel the spanking is a bit much, thats my thoughts on it. BUT, if it has made you see that it will happen if you step out of line and go against their rules, it maybe just the remedy for you.<br />
You hang in there and keep reminding yourself that you will do your best for your mother and to live up to the expectations of your beloved dad.....stay strong...S

well I thinks happen for a reason you are with your aunt and uncle because they can give you want you need right now is displince with lots of love so for now stay there but your place his worth or mom and sister to take your place as the man of the house. but only when you are ready because your mom will need you to help her with your sister.

you do not owe your mom a thing you are the kid here but you are old enought to help your mom out and think of this what is might be doing to your sister first you dad passed away that one man in her life now you gone that must be very hard on her. and then there is your mom the same thing happening to her it is a bab thing that happened but you have a choice to can make it worse by acting out or you can atraight up and help the situation find someone to talk and maybe go as a family there is nothing wrong with talking to someone they can give you idea'show to deal with the greaf but go as a family because you are a family let out you angr in a constuctive way not distructive that hurts everyone you more because it you bum being spanked. ow about the weekends you go home to visit your family and help you mom around the house or play with your sister or just sit and chill with the family now is not the time to break up the family now the time to keep the family togethere. and also talk to your sister do not leave her out of your life you guys need each other whether you choice to admit it or not this is what your dad would have wanted not to break up the family. Have a good day at school.

and i believe they love you too mr, nice story