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Spanked By A Teacher

I am in high school now and i have an IEP/learning dissability. And a teacher from the learning resource room always comes to my classes now it sucks.  In my foods and nutrition class we had a cooking lab and the learning resource teacher came in and when i was cooking she made me do everything exact like i got a 1/4 of a tsp of salt and she made me get a knife and scrape the top off. It made me really mad because she made me do that for everything and then i said "that is bull sh*t i dont have to do everything exact" she then said that i do and then i said i dont and the actual foods teacher says that i dont. The learning resourse teacher pulls me out to the empty class room next door and says thant i have been relly bad and then she tells me to take all of my clothes off and i said no you cant make me and that is illigal. She says that she got permition from my mom so any teacher can spank me now i still didnt take my clothes off and then she says that im just going to get a longer spanking if i dont right away. I take all of my clothes off and i am really cold feeling an umplesant breeze, i then have to bend over her lab and ii get spanked really hard. It sucks getting spanked by someone you hate, everybody in my class could here me getting spanked. She starts to smack me harder and then i started to whiggle, she is now saying that i have been a really naughty boy and i will be spanked every time i am being naughty. She lets me put my clothes on and go back to class and when i go in everybody is looking at me. Im having a feeling that i am going to be spanked a lot by teachers so i will put a story on everytime i get spanked by a teacher or Mommy.
c00lguy c00lguy 13-15, M 14 Responses Dec 3, 2011

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That's was hott!!! Did u cry?

Did this teacher spank you with her flip flops

If this is a true story all you would have had to do is report her and she would go to jail and lose her job as a teacher. It doesn't matter who gave her "permission", it is illegal to make a student get naked, or even take down their pants for any reason.

wow i would die if my mom gave all my teachers permission to spank me.

I had past away from inside!

Could u add me

You always want to talk about spanks "shut up" there is problem with us child's" move away"

Okay for one this was over a year way different then I was now. Second just being I posted on spank story doesn't mean jack. Third stop being a jerk I've done nothing to you so just stop .

If I won't stop then!

I know how u feel I also have a IEP learning disability

Your moms a ***** if she did give her permission but your teacher is probably lying for that is illegal under all circumstances to make a child ***** then beat him

Yes your right but we should not tell anyone mom bad! It is not good!

This should make you feel better. My family believes females should hand out discipline, not males. I was bad in school and a male teacher was going to paddle me but i took off. I told my parents and mpm gave it to me. The next day, dad took me to school and told the teacher i had been punished. The teacher said he was going to paddle me anyway. My dad grabbed him by the throat and put him against the wall."if you touch him, i'll.... you. The teacher didn't paddle me but mom did again when i got home.

wow, Thats crazy.



dang ! Getting bare assed spanked at school had to SUCK !

Hahha How can you?

sounds very strange to me.. she's using her hand too,. not the paddle,. So what you do is insist on not being spanked or paddled too hard.. before agreeing to bend over or anything.

Damn I get paddled at school but over my jeans. Now when I get home I get the belt on my bare butt. Sucks.

ask for a lowered amount of force Paddling at school.. Ask and get the Paddler to agree to use the same amount of force on you as he / she would use when paddling the girls.

I dn't know why u think girls don't get it as hard co do!

Buffy.. in my era and area 70s / 80s.. south florida / Dade Co, The schools that did Paddle Girls.. didn't paddle them nearly as hard as they paddled the boys,. Girls were struck with a lowered amount of force about 1/2 to 3/4ths of the force normally used to paddle the boys with,.

Paddling Gals hard wasn't considered to be manly or lady like if the paddler was a female.. reasoning was they were trying to teach a Girl to become Lady like.. and to refrain from un-girl / un-lady like actions or behaviors,.

Now as for Paddling boys with more or less the same lowered amount of force , there were situations where a paddling was a quick option for very minor mis-haps , It seemed Un-just for them to have to allways receive and suffer a painful hard paddling , when over pain or over kill wasn’t needed.. Only something with a light sting was needed and seemed more just,. And beneficial with out harm or damage being done,.