And Im Goin To Remember Just How Much Tomorrow Night!!

I got in trouble in school today for like the stupidest thing eva so now ive got to write lines every break for rest of week which is borin as hell and go to detention 2moro which means ill b gettin good slappin when i get home as one of mammys rules is if we get in trouble in school we get slapped at home too, gr8!!!!!!
xxxcheekycharliexxx xxxcheekycharliexxx 13-15, F 3 Responses Apr 17, 2012

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what do the lines say


thanks po

Its the same here Charlie,if my girls get in trouble at school its knickers down at home!

ur so like my mammy it crazy!! do u send them to bed early too?

how late would it have to b for them to get sent to bed for night? mammy doesnt care what time it is!!