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I Hate It Even More Now That I'm Older

My parents are very strict. I was raised in a Christian household where the rod was never spared, and my parents made it clear to me when I returned home at 22 (I just turned 23) that I would still be spanked for misbehavior. At the time, I didn't worry about it -- I'm an adult now and much less likely to do stupid things that would get me spanked, plus I couldn't imagine it would be as scary as my spankings when I was younger. Boy was I wrong. The spankings I have had, both from Mom and Dad, since I moved home last year have been way worse than anything I got when I was younger. Since they expect more from me, I'm punished more severely when I mess up. And for a repeat mess up, like missing curfew or drinking, it is way worse. Also, since my siblings no longer live at home and it's just me, Mom and Dad, I often get spanked in the living room in front of both of them, which is embarrassing.

Tonight, I missed curfew and had a bit to drink. I hadn't even closed the door behind me when Dad took off his belt and told me to get my pants down. He put me over the back of the couch and whipped my bare bottom until I was yowling with pain. Mom just sat there in her chair, arms crossed, looking smug, like I was getting just what I deserved and like she enjoyed watching me get punished. I wanted to slap the satisfied look off of her face and now I'm going to struggle with being respectful to her, which is another reason I get spanked. When it was over, I couldn't even get my pants back up over my swollen bottom. I had to take them all the way off just so I could get to my room, sobbing and sniffling. It hurts so bad right now, and tomorrow is church which means sitting on hard pews and my dad will probably mention what I did to my pastor. I'm ashamed to get called in to see pastor, especially since he'll know that I was drinking and that I was spanked.

I'm laying here feeling sorry for myself and really and truly hating the fact that I still get spanked. Most of the time it seems a small price to pay to live here and have my parents support me through school, but right after a spanking, I would agree to be homeless in order to avoid another one. It hurts so bad I can't sleep. I'm on my tummy, using my laptop.
ChristianGirl89 ChristianGirl89 22-25, F 34 Responses Apr 29, 2012

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Wow! That even trumps me! I grew up with Catholic parents. And I went to a Catholic school in the seventies and eighties. I got caned regular at school on my bare bottom. And mum spanked me up to the age of 13. Then dad took over. He would spank me over his knee and if he thought I deserved it he would use the plimsoll(slipper). Always with my pants down. The last time he slippered me I was 20. For fooling around with my brother in the back garden where my dad was building an extension to the house. My brother was 12 and fell into the area where we were building the foundations. (I was helping). My dad sent me inside and when he came in he sat down on a dining get chair in the hall. Plimsoll in hand. I looked at him in disbelief cos I think I was 18 last time I was over his knee. And my mum and brother were watching from the kitchen as she bandaged his knee or something. I was instructed to take My shorts and underwear down and I was across his knee getting my adult bare bottom slippered. Hard and I howled out loud cos my bottom was tender since I hadn't got it for a couple of years. My brother enjoyed the show that was my last parental spanking. Embarrassing for you though. An adult girl getting a bare belting off your dad

I am 18 and get whoopings.

1. Stop drinking and get a job.
2. Move out.
3. Tell your parents thanks, but no thanks. You won't live with anyone abusie.


are you interested to talk with me about discipline and punishments for girls ?


so sad!

you are 23 a adult you can do what you like when you like.

Well not really she cannot if she is living with her parents she has to follow the household rules . And that at any age.

Well something is going wrong because all those spankings are not working at all. its time to be honest you get a very sore bum and its very red but a few weeks later you are back over the knee again. I want you to be honest do you think they are working?

I'm sorry but, I have no time for adult children whining about their parent's disciplines when they have finished school and still live at home. I know young people are not paid as much these days and that there's a very high cost of living. But, with a touch of ingenuity and effort, you can move out and be on your own. You don't need a fancy apartment/house. What you need to do is accept the responsibility of taking care of yourself and starting your OWN lives. If you have to, find roomate(s) that will be responsible and happy people. </p><p>But, this spanking stuff is just a bunch of nonsense. Get with it and put your own 2 feet on the ground! Heck, people, you to local garage sales and get your dishes, silverware and glasses. Buy a used rug and chair from Goodwill, get a mattress from a family member and move out. </p><p>It does take guts and hard work but within 2 months, you'll be your own boss and you'll be starting to really grow up. </p><p>Don't run to your grandparents to bail you out. Get out there and roll with the punches!</p><p>PS... I'll take the "pain of independence" any day of the week over the "pain in your butt".</p>

ouch.. I definately don't miss those spankings. sorry you still have to get them..

you should be hating the fact that you got spanked because it was your own fault. why are you drinking?

Just tell them you won't take it any longer. What they are doing is ASSULT becuse you are an adult and NOT consenting to it. The next time he tries to spank you call the cops on him.

Sounds like you have a lot of growing up to do too!

There is still a subtle response that has not surfaced yet.. i would be, as a counselor, that you willhave two paths to follow - you will either be with a dominant man, who will be like your father, as it is proven you are still willfull and need a firm hand, or you will marry a non dominant man, and over time, not respect him because he allows you to do whatever you wish. i hope you choose wisely - as deep down, there is a need that you have..

Wow what happens when you have to talk to the pastor? Can you add me as a friend please?

I doubt you will ever see this and I hope your abscence means you have either escaped that hell or that you grew tired of making up stories. I mean no disrespect, I would simply prefer for you to have a healthy spanking fetish than for these accounts of abuse to be true. I am 24 years old and had to move back in with my parents also. You mention that the rod was never spared in your home, but do you know that passage is misinterpreted? Did a shepard use the rod to beat his sheep if they strayed or wandered off from the flock? Of course he did not, he used the crook of the rod on the sheeps neck to gently turn the sheep back on the right path. Spare the rod and spoil the child never meant to beat your children, the rod means giving direction and guidance, as the shepard did. I believe Jesus once said something along the lines of "those that would hurt an innocent child should have a millstone hung around there necks and be drowned in the sea." Its against the law to beat an animal, its against the law to beat prisoners, yet in 49/50 states it is perfectly legal to spank your children using an implement up to the age of 18. Several statutes simply state that reasonable but non-deadly force is allowed, what the **** is that supposed to mean!?!? I also want to say that while Delawares recent ban on spanking is admirable it was also an accidental side effect of updating their child abuse laws and will likely be ammended. I have two loving christian parents and while I was spanked until the age of 11 or 12 it was nothing like some of the things I have read. I was only ever spanked with a paddle, but it was 2-3 light stinging swats, nothing as cruel as a long drawn out hand spanking, but it got the point across. While I truly believe in my heart what they did was wrong, I can forgive them knowing it could have been much worse. While that should never be an excuse, they were loving parents and only did what they thought was best. I cannot and will not even try to imagine what you have gone through, all I can tell you is that's not love.

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i know how you fell im going to be spanked by wife in little while it hurts bad she 31 im 56

I think they are trying to do what is best for you my dear. Just because other young adults stay out all hours and drink does not make it right. You don't have to become homeless to avoid getting spanked.
You only have to follow rules. Right now that sounds pretty hard. Trust me it is a lot less hard than trying to make it in this world with out an education. Deeply in dept, and the many other problems people have to face when they don't have the resource of family to help them.
Hang in there it is toughest in the beginning dear. It gets better I promise. Hugs

Sorry to hear u r in so much pain after getting spanked,but i guess they just love u so much that they spank u with there love for u even though im sure u dnt see it that way

Im sorry hun. But thats the way the belt fly. But you should no better i gess your parents is goin to teach you there way. How bad is it? Add me so we can chat

Much the same thing happened to me when I moved back home again a few months ago, at the age of 20. I made a lot of bad decisions and piled up a lot of debt and then lost my job. I just turned 21 last week. My parents agreed to let me live at home, to pay off my debt and pay my tuition to attend the local community college for a 2 year degree. In exchange for all of that I agreed to do chores and help on the farm, for which I get paid, but I also had to accept their rules and discipline which are pretty much the same rules and discipline I had growing up as a boy. This not only includes being grounded, game console, driving and other restrictions, but spanking and paddling too. My parents both seem to believe that spanking along with one or more of the punishments listed is most effective way to treat any serious misbehavior and just about any misbehavior is serious to them. Since I agreed to this arrangement the only recourse I have is to get a crappy job I can't live on and move out or wait till I complete my AA degree and hopefully find a good job.

My first spanking was for drinking too right after I'd moved in. I was only 20 then and the drinking age is 21 here. Plus I drove home and was way past the curfew that had been set for me. Mom and dad waited until about 5:30 a.m. to wake me up and confront me. I had a splitting headache and the lecturing only made it worse so I was smart mouthed and disrespectful.

My dad is a big guy and strong from years of farming so he handled me fairly easily. He easily yanked my pajama bottoms down and me across his knee and held me there while he spanked me on the bare butt for what seemed like several minutes. It really took the wind out of my sails since I hadn't been spanked since I was around 13.

Mom didn't think that was enough. She had dad take me to the kitchen sink and bend me over it, pajama bottoms still around my ankles. He held my arms behind my back while she used a wash cloth to wash my mouth out with soap for the disrespectful smart talk earlier. After I rinsed it out I was bent over the kitchen table for 40 licks with dad's belt, 2 times my age.

Things are better now. I have learned what they expect of me and try to keep them off my back but the first 2 or 3 months sitting down was often difficult as I learned how serious they were about my behavior, study habits and work ethic.

My parents are really strict with me, but my Dad stop spanking me when I was around 11...I really don't know why he did, but mom still smacks me with a wooden rod...which hurts like hell. I'm sorry about your parents, but I don't think you did anything wrong I grew up in a Christian home and my parents drank beer, wine, wine coolers...and Jesus drank wine so I don't know whats wrong with it as long as you don't abuse it.

crazy how much time pain for this small mistake you father must go in iran

i am so with you....i got spanked quite a bit growing up, but somehow not in college, and was on my own for a little while until i got laid im back home with mom and dad and yes, they spank me bare when i do naughty...i so hate the spoon and the brush, i only got the belt once and that was for lying to dad..i never want that ever again..never, it was so bad...

I always get the belt.

I hope you're okay. Would love to hear more of your stories and even better if we could chat.<br />

I was spanked by my mom when I was home last xmas. I am an adult and my teen brother witnessed me getting 50 swats from Mom for coming in drunk.

is this real or fake?

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5dont the neighbours hear?

no since HE only gets spanked in the fantasy world of the net

CG, I know exactly how it feels to be a Christian college girl still spanked by parents!<br />
<br />

I wonder if more adult children are being spanked again, what with the high unemployment rates for college grads and young people in general forcing them to live at home longer or return home to live again. <br />
<br />
It makes sense that parents would feel the need to be reinstate old rules and new ones and enforce them with old-fashioned discipline. Since a child's brain does not fully develop until the age of 25 spanking and discipline should still be effective up to at least that age level and I would assume beyond depending on the individual.<br />
<br />
I grew up in the 60s and graduated in 1971. I went out to make it on my own, only to return home, to the farm, when I was 20. I soon found myself in the same situation as you since I had developed certain bad habits that my parents didn't like. <br />
<br />
Spanking children and teens in those days was quite common and openly talked about, but the spanking of adult children was less frequent though it certainly happened in some families, mine being one. It was also spoken of less and thankfully, only very close relatives knew and only ones that my parents knew would lend moral support to them for making the decision to spank their adult son and "put him on the right track again".