The Spanking Chair

As a girl raised with spankings I've always dreaded every discipline session, but a couple of the spankings I hated worse happened to me at my Aunt's house.
Both my parents spank us and always bare bottomed. But they are not as strict as my mother's sister, Aunt May. Aunt May spanks her kids, my cousins, even more than we get it and she's VERY deliberate and makes spankings VERY awful!

Aunt May has a "Spanking Chair" in her home-office. It's a big, wide wooden chair with a high back and no arms. It sits in an empty corner of her office - which is right off the living room and has no door.
Many times I was there when one of my cousins, Tim or Janet, were told to "Go sit on the Spanking Chair and wait for your punishment." My cousins always looked so scared sitting there, knowing they were gonna get it!

Aunt May also had a spanking ruler and a spanking strap in her desk drawer. After she made Tim or Janet sit for awhile, she'd make them stand up and remove their jeans/skirt and underpants then get the rule or strap from the desk.
"Sit down and think about the spanking your are in for," she'd remind them, and sitting with bare bottom on that big Spanking Chair with the ruler or strap in your lap was horrible!

The Spanking Chair could be used a couple ways. Most always, Aunt May sat on it and took the offender over her lap for a hand spanking on the bare. Then she might keep Tim or Janet like that for a long hard ruler spanking.
They always ended up bawling and kicking, with naked buns and thighs glowing red.

For the strap (a 14-inch long, 2-inch wide, thick black piece of leather ) the culprit would have to stand and bend over with their palms placed on the seat of the Spanking Chair. She'd give them from 6 to 20 vicious strap lashes - lots of rubbing, screaming.

Then after a quick spanking dance, be plopped right back on the Spanking Chair - squirming and sobbing as the wooden chair seat kept the fresh sting going for awhile :-(

I know how my cousins felt, cuz Aunt May spanked me twice. I got the ruler once (when I was 13) and the strap once (when I was 15) and both times I got the full Spanking Chair treatment.
Being sent to sit on it - shamed and scared - then bared and sitting again - near panic! - holding the ruler or strap....

The strapping was the worst - after being hand spanked first - and I got 14 whips cuz I kept standing up, so I got extras. It was super embarrassing trying to stay bent over - I was showing EVERYTHING from the back and my butt was facing the open doorway!

Plus, having to SIT on the hard Spanking Chair with my bare bottom and thighs throbbing and burning was horrid - shifting around and sobbing with no way to escape the sting!

Just seeing that evil Spanking Chair made us all nervous!

Marzi333 Marzi333
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Hey. Have u gotten spanked latkey

Love the details!

I got spank bare bottom because I touch the thing that I weren't suppose to touch

I got spank once with a hair brush for 20 min. and that hurts! a lot!

I know what U mean! Who spanked U? How did U get it? We always get spanked bare bottom.

Do you think your behaviour improved because of your Aunt and that chair? Did you cousins ever tell you how it made them feel watching you being punished?

Did your aunt enjoy spanking all of you?

Maybe....about the same as U like reading about it? lol

Well, I don't know, you tell me if your Aunt would hold to any minor misbehave to spank you, Tim, and Janet.

Lol well played marzi

i love readin about spankings

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Wow, was your aunt mean and violent. I don't think she loved you. To my eyes, that sort of attitude (spanking hard like she did) is vicious. She seemed to like causing you pain. I don't even understand how your parents let her do this to you, for it wasn't her role. If someone had to spank you, it belonged to your parents to do it, not her.

In my childhood, I must have got one or two bare bottom spankings, and I must have been something like 7-8 years old. I never got any others. 13-15 years old is rather old to get a spanking, isn't it? I'm quite surprised to read that some of you have gone through this at those ages.

And that way of spanking, in front of the main door or in such a way that people will see sounds so humiliating... I'm quite shocked because I had never heard about that before.

I don't know what you did to deserve those 2 spankings from your Aunt, but I wish, just once, someone would have given her a taste of her own medicine, made sure her bare bottom was facing the open doorway, spanked her bottom with their hand first, then her ruler, and finished up giving her a very red hot, stinging bottom with her strap. Then made her sit in her own spanking chair for 10 or 15 minutes afterwards just to see how she liked it. Sorry, Marzi333, I mean no offense to you, but in my opinion, I felt that she carried her punishments on her own children and you too far, and it wasn"t necessary to be that hard on you kids.

Thanks for the sympathy and LOL it would be hella FUN to see my mean old Auntie get HER big bare butt whipped for a change!

I'm sure it would and hopefully whoever was the one spanking her, would make sure it lasted longer than the ones she gave her kids and you, and make her bare bottom so red and sore, that she would think twice or more before she spanked her kids and you again. Let her see what it feels like. Then make her sit down on that old evil spanking chair of hers for 15 minutes or so. If she can dish it out, she should be able to take it, too. I'm sorry Marzi333, I'm not usually a vindictive person, but in her case, no one deserves to get a taste of her medicine more than she does.

Great plan, Char! All spankers should have regular samples of what they dish out! It would keep them honest and, almost certainly, reduce the number of meals they serve!

wow the same for me

I still get spankings it's so embarrassing but the way my mom does it she just brings one of the kitchen chairs into the main room so every one can watch.

My parents used wooden kitchen chairs as spanking chairs. I'd be told to sit on the chair while I was waiting to get a smacked bottom, and then after I'd had my beating, I'd sit bare-bottomed on the chair until I'd been punished enough. I absolutely hated those chairs and to this day I feel uncomfortable sitting on wooden kitchen chairs.

Especially on your bare bottom I bet!

Just that. Nothing worse than sitting on a hard wooden chair with your well-smacked bottom and thighs on fire, wanting to rub the sting out a bit but not being able to. I used to try to wriggle about on the chair to rub it a bit, but it didn\'t work and if I was caught doing it I\'d just get spanked again.

I still get spankings it's so embarrassing but the way my mom does it she just brings one of the kitchen chairs into the main room so every one can watch and after I have to stand in the corner not sit in the chair but that sounds like it would hurt!

Which means it is highly effective.

which one hurts more, wooden spoon, paddle, strap or cane?

The cane, strap,paddle and spoon in that order. Now if you have a really cheap paddle the spoon can hurt more. It has a much smaller head, therefore it hurts quite a bit. For the same reason a hair brush with a smaller head will hurt a lot more the one with a larger head. Hope this helps.

we didnt have a spanking chair but there was 2 diffent times my father broke a paddle like the ones schools had over my back of my legs behind my knees and once on my *** i was 13 one time and 10 the other time

that is hard to sit after strapping in chair after my mom or dad strap me on my bare did spanking dance an corner time in living room so when people came over they can see my naked bottom sore

We had a spanking chair too. Only ours was a Victorian chair with a cushioned blue seat. Of course it was armless. It sat in the master bedroom. When not in use she would use it to sit on and get dressed in the morning. At our house you could either get the hair brush, paddle or the strap. The hair brush and paddle were given over the knee and the strap was administered over the back of the couch in the family room. I was a only child and all spankings were in private. She had a special box of blue tissue in the master bedroom. When I was going to be spanked she would tell me to get the hair brush or paddle, whichever she planned to use and the "box of tissue". I would set the chair in the middle of the room and the instrument on the chair. The box of tissue would go on the floor to the left. The box of tissue was for me. I would dry my eyes and blow my nose while she spanked me. This also worked wonders on keeping my hands busy and out of her way. Once everything was ready I would stand there and wait for her. She never kept me waiting long. She would come in, pick up the paddle, that was her favorite and sit down. Then came the scolding followed by take your pants down and bend over my knee. After the spanking sometimes I would have to stand in the corner with my pants down holding the paddle behind my back with both hands. She taught a good lesson, but she was never mean about it. The hair brush was for lesser offenses and never required corner time.

Indeed, so many ladies tell me about the knots, hearts dropping down to knees and huge butterflies they feel before a spanking is about to take place.

the anticipation was the worst part. :(

Yes, I have a wooden chair or rent a place with a wooden chair or stool and I have ladies sit after a fresh spanking!

being a child should not have to hurt. It isn't like you asked to be born. Therefore they shouldn't be that hard on you.

I hate my mothers "bedroom" chair. It's her chair that she put her makeup on, and uses when I need discipline from her... I hate that chair...

I remember that fear, the anticipation, that was so frightening. Then the unbearable pain of the strap. I recall like it was yesterday, Marzi.

Poor you! Which one did you think hurt more? Hairbrush or wooden spoon? I thought the hairbrush hurt more...

I HATE the wooden spoon!

You are a very good writer! your stories remind me of what my sisters and I got... except maybe not as harsh...

Listening to your story made my bottom hurt. Let's be friends and you can cry on my shoulder. If not, I'll take you over my knee and ignite a bee's nest on your bottom.

MAN! what business did she have spanking you? Poor kid!

That sounds horrid... bet you never did what u did in the first place again though.

Ouch I feel sorry for you

Thanks for the sympathy! Maybe we can be friends?

Well when I was little my mom (how is not alive anymore) had this chair that me and my brothers was scared of when I was 6 and my brothers were 5 and 3 every time we did something bad my mom would spank us on it and then set on it for however old we were till I was 10 me and my brothers called it the punish seat (yet we were still young)

And I know it feels

Those rhetoric questions!! Hah!
(Mum to boy at party when he is getting over excited and behaving outlandishly , )
"Do you want me to take your trousers down and spank your bare bottom Young Man? In front of all these people?
no - he obviously didn't - for his behaviour changed in an instant - like the shade of pink in his face! lol


I admire your aunt and your mom. They sound like good women.

Your Aunt was a no non sense Aunt... good for her.

Wow that's gotta hurt

When I was young I used to call round to my freinds house and we would play video games. His mother was the strict no nonsense type but anyway as he was playing the video game I asked him for a go he didnt give me a go and kept refusing so me being a kid I went down and told his mum and she immediatly got up and went upstairs to which I followed I took a seat and watched as she was shouting at him withher finger in his face she then took him by the arm and bent him right over her knee in front of my eyes and started spanking him as he was kicking and screaming his bottom roaring red I could only thank God it was not me in his position this also happend a few times and his older sister would even do it in front of me just because he didnt finish his homework in time must of been very humiliating

Yes I love to go upstairs to your bedroom will you be using a wooden hairbrush or a wooden paddle. You have me all worked now on red and blister my backside will look. WHEN CAN GO TO YOUR SPECIAL CHAIR AND OVER YOUR LAP?

The special (spanking) chair! That takes me back to my younger years! Although dad had a variety of places and methods for spanking us - with Mum, it was nearly always up in her bedroom - in front of her dressing room table was a straight backed chair, where she sat - and on the dressing room table, was her long handled, oval. wooden, flat backed hairbrush which she USED - to correct many an attitude problem with as we were growing up!
The phrase, or rhetoric question she used as a warning went something like...
"Do you want to come upstairs to my bedroom with me? Up to my special chair?"
(No we didn't - and we soon learned that a change in our behaviour was needed...there and then!)

Josephine, LOL...those rhetorical questions bug me! "Do you want a spanking Missy?".....ya Mom, please pull my panties down and roast my rump....NOT! Or "You've been asking for a spanking all day young lady, go bring me the hairbrush." I can recall Mom I have NOT asked to be spanked today!

I which I was you getting the spanking I want one like that so so back and from a woman who doing spanking.


That does not sound like discipline born of love.

You poor guys! It must of hurt so much!

Susie, thanks for the sympathy. Ya, that was a bad one :-( U ever been spanked?

Thanks for the story and details. Did it make you behave and think twice in the future?

Hay marzi, you want to be my friend

I sympathize with you, Marzi. My Spanking Chair was an old desk chair in my parents' bedroom. Whenever my father took me into the bedroom, it was either to lecture me (on something I'd done wrong) or spank me. If he immediately sat on the bed, a lecture usually ensued. If he pulled out the desk chair, I knew he was going to put me over his knee.

Good story! Thanks for that. I'm going to read the rest of yours now.

50-70 with a hairbrush is bad enough, but a teen's bottom can probably take that without much damage. 50-70 strokes of the belt would leave even the toughest butts shredded and possibly bleeding. :-(

When your Aunt spanked you did your cousins watch? Do you think they were scared for you or enjoyed looking at your naked bottom and peeking between your legs?

The Kitchen Chair

We didn't have a "special" chair for spankings but when I was younger my mom would stand me up on the kitchen chair, pull my pants and undies down and then swat my hiney and thighs with a fly swatter or else paddle me with a thin paint stirring stick that she called "the ruler"

my aunt has something like that but its in the living room and it is scary sitting there because we sit there until my uncle gets home then he spanks us then she does...... it hurts like heck and i get anything from a brush to a paddle to a belt they all hurt

I was spanked, too, and believe me , it's just as bad for boys! Beaten is more accurate, walking stick, washing line, anything, really.

I dont get spanked any more my last spanking was at 10 years old.I was taken over my 18 year old sisters knee and spanked with the hand for a warm up.Then she got a hair brush and spanked me very hard I hated it.I kicked and screamed it was worst because her friends were watching.Don't you hate the hair brush Marzi that sucker stings

Yes, I hate being spanked with a wooden hairbrush.....burns like anything on the bare!

I know what you mean. My mom used the hairbrush on me too.

Did you feel that the spankings were ever justified? Do you still get spanked?

I too was spanked bare bottom as a child, my father used a ping pong paddle on us when we were young. The worst was the week long spanking we endured for some offense I to this day don't remember. However, I remember having to go and change into our night gowns and wait. We were called into our bedroom and he would sit on the bed and make us take our panties down.

Then the paddling would begin, we would kick and thrash and cry as much as we wanted but we weren't allow up until he was done. Usually it was 50- 70 lashes with the belt or the dreaded ping pong paddle that we were sent to get. The problem is it was always bare bottom and welts were always assured.

I hope you find solace in the fact that others were spanked in those days and knowing even though you were embarrassed and your bottom took the punishment. I will bet your a stronger woman for it. Know that there are people who care about your feelings as well.

Sunny, t hanks for your understanding and support, it does make me feel better to know other girls got spanked like me.


50-70 lashes with the belt. Sounds like my parents. Welts were always assured.

I sometimes had to bend over the arm rest with a bare bottom and get belted for like 1 minute.

ya id be scared too

My auntie also had a spanking chair in her front room....which we had to stand next to when we were to be spanked{wasnt allowed to sit on it}..sometime it would be up to 5 minutes waiting before you had to go over her knee to be spanked,always sat on her chair...very scarey time

Sorry to hear this. My Aunt uses cane bend over back of chair and 10 strokes on bare bottom.

Never got the cane either at school or at sure it hurts alot

yeah, it does

Sorry about that if you have been caned...are you still caned now or is it from when you were younger

yes is still this way now, at home and at school.

Gosh that must be so bad......couldn't imagine how bad that must feel

ok... so you can't imagine!

No....a cane is something I have never been hit with...worst I got was a few bare bum slipperings from dad...and a belting from him too

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horrible crazy it is like in muslims countries crazy i am schock

And should b lol

Yes, I still get spankings at my age :-(

your mom was ok with her oing that to you?

I hated my dad because he used to be a virtual criminal.

It would have been great to see your Aunt get some of her own medicine--happened to me a few times.I think adults can be bullies sometimes.

This is a very good method and keeps the blood at the surface of the spanked bottom. It hurts longer and gives the girl time to think about what she has done and it also promotes blood flow when she stands finally to repair the bruising.

I agree. I have you.

I hope I never have a first hand experience with this technique.