When I was little I was very stubborn and ornery.

I was always giving my mom hell when I was little.
My mom spanked. From the age of 4 till I left home and a couple when I was visiting.

What gave me the most trouble was lying,cussing and testing mom's limits. My mom would warn me. Being stubborn I ignore it. :( And doing so my mom bared my bottom and gave me a good long spanking. She start with warming my bottom mom used her hands then mom use the brush or paddle to finish the punishment. After was corner. Most of times grounded mostly because I lied.

There were times when my mom ask me why and would ask if I did something and I knew I did I would tell the truth. I still got spanked for getting in trouble but not as bad as if I was to lie and I did that allot LIE to keep from getting spanked but some how my mom knew if I was fibbing or not.

When I would obey and tell the truth I would still be spanked but mom only use her hands, I was not grounded.
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Have you become a spanking mom too? Can you add me please to your list of friends?

Your childhood attitude sounds so much like my own except I was deaf(and thought myself above rules because of it) and my stepmother gave up trying to settle me down long before I got grown.Sometimes I look back and wonder if she really deserved all the trouble I gave her. I can lie as easily as I can say my name and do so without even trying. I do wish she had managed to break me of that habit. Appreciate your mother for caring enough to make sure you turned out decent.

mine was just the same i got warmed up with the hand and then depending on what i had done i got the belt paddle or the cane

<p>Thanks for sharing your story. As I look back I don't think I ever got out of a spanking by lying. But I never gave up hope. There were times after getting caught in a lie my mom would say that if I had fessed up I would not be getting a spanking. I used to believe her. Now thinking back over the years I believe she still would have spanked me. There actually were times that I fessed up and got spanked anyway.</p>

Thanks Mary Jo. I am 100% agree with your statement. was. when I fessed up I still got in trouble,

was it really painfull

Some times it did.

ONLY her hands! At least the spanking wasn't that terrible:ie no use of the paddle, etc. See?? Lying doesn't pay. :)

No it doesn't. I got it right on the seat of my pants when I did.

do u still get spankings now lol :)


u sure did get your share of spankings :) spnkbooty

Yes I did.

I would always get it a lot less if I told the truth too, I'd get like 15 on my panties with my mom or dad's hand, if I lied, I'd almost always be bared and either spanked with the wooden spoon, after I was like 12, the dreaded hairbrush. Good story, though. :D

Thanks. I also hated the brush or my moms sandal hurts like no other.Sound like we was raised the same only thing is my mom was a single mom. but she knew how to put the sting on my bare bottom.

One time I had friends over and we were supposed to be sleeping, but were being way too loud and my mom knew we weren't, so she came up and told us that it was lights out, and that it was time to start settling down. She flipped off the lights and walked out, long story short, she ended up dragging me downstairs and spanked me with my OWN shoe... it was over my pajama, shorts, and panties but still they were all really thin and they didn't provide much protection. I guess it was well deserved.

Been there when my sis or I was sent to bed we start talking and my mom would warn us up to 3X's after we could see my mom headed for the bed room she take each and turn us over and pull down our panties and she spank us. after she said next time it will be the brush and corner, we both where a sleep fast.

I don't quite remember exactly how old I was, but I know I was really young, and I would pretty much never go to sleep when i was told, I'd always find an excuse to get up. I always got 3 warnings before the spanking for everything, unless it was something big like lying or stealing, and usually my dad, sometimes my mom, would walk in, and I'd jump in my bed and pretend to sleep, but he always knew I was lying, and turned me over and I usually got like 10 over my pajama bottoms. After that, I usually would fall asleep. This routine repeated itself for well over a few years, I still remember getting spanked for doing this well into my early teens
(13- 14).

Same here I was spanked from the age of 3 to 19, When I left home. even at 19 my mom told me if i brake a rule I was still spanked with the brush. OUCH.

I was spanked from 2-15 'cause by then I literally had to beg my parents to stop, I wish they would've stopped way sooner, like when I was 12 or 13 when I started puberty, at least stop with the bare bottom... 'cause that just felt... weird.

me to. My mom was good at spanking me in public with my bare bottom on display. it was embarrassing and humiliated. I was 15 I lied to my mom saying I was going to the movie but I was really going shopping my mom saw me at the shop and she was so mad that I lied and she went to a near by bench and paddled my bare in public. spanking me with the hand and finished with brush my seat was so sore. I would not speak to my mom or go near her at the time I only answered and did what she had asked. I ignored her a long time. My mom knew she did wrong about the way she punished me in public. she told me it will never happen again that it be dealt with when we got home. She never did do it again. I told my mom if she ever did do it again in public that I would never speak to her again. Now that I am older and wiser I am glad my mom corrected me and loved me enough to do what she had to.

Whenever I misbehaved in public I was brought somewhere privet (bathroom, changing room, etc.) and spanked there. I was never spanked bare bottom in public though, ever. That was just something my parents didn't believe in. I threw a temper tantrum in the grocery store 'cause I couldn't get the cookies I wanted before, but then my mom just picked me up, and brought me into the bathroom, and spanked me in there, over my pants and stuff. I was trying to steal something in Wal-Mart, and my mom brought me into the changing rooms and pulled down my pants and spanked me on the panties, I think it was obvious what was happening though 'cause I was crying, and came out with my pants half off trying to pull them up while rubbing my butt. But yeah, if I ever got it bare bottom in public, I'd probably never talk to them again either.

I was spanked bare bottom in the middle of the mall when I was 8 yrs. old. Even at that age It was very very embarrassing. That was the last time I was spanked in public. After that if I misbehaved in public mom spanked me in the bathroom or even the car and when I got older she waited until I got home

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