My Dad

I live with my dad full time it's just us and I see my mom sometimes my dad is so strict and I hate it He has so many rules and even if I break them a little bit even if I look at he the wrong way they will spank me bare bottom and sometimes they make me take off all my clothes he will spank me in front of people and I'm still babysat at 16 years old and any family members and my baby sitter is alound to spank me I hate it! It's so mean he even took me out if school to have Better control of me and sometimes he even make me stay bare bottom a couple of days and if so one comes over and asks me why my bottom is red I have to tell them I was a bad girl I hate it and I have to call the sir and after every punishment I must say thank you he even built a punishment room and I lost my privilege of privacy my dad took my door off my room I hate him so much and when I told mom she said she thought he was to easy on me and I needed to be punish more I don't see my mom anymore
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You should get in touch with someone... Make sure you trust them.

why say mom thought that was american ? i been to italy loads of times on hols which city you live in ?

Report ur dad to.the police I doubt any country gives someone.a right to make you go about naked

Thats is sad and it's a crime for anyone to have to go through that, I'm sorry for you and praying as well.

Ih8, sorry to hear your troubles. I know the feeling, especially being babysat at older ages and having babysitters involved with my spanking punishments. Add me as a friend if U care to share more.

Corporal punishment is outlawed in Italy. What you describe is not tolerated in any civilized country. If it's really happening, then you should be able to find help somewhere. Maybe search online for something in your area.

Your parents are cruel. That's abuse.

Your parents are very cruel.You should report them.

What culture are you from? This is abuse and quite extreme, simply for the fact that it has been going on for so long. Most courts would jail your father for this behaviour. Also if your father's friends are witness to all of this, they are part of the problem - here they might receive some form of jail term as well for not reporting what is happening. If you do not report what is going on, you are also part of the problem - please get some help. This is coming from someone who has put up with ongoing abuse in the past, and experienced the subsequent freedom after going through the trials associated with getting help.

I hope you do something about it soon. Good luck!

RUN AWAY, find a shelter!!!

Try going to a church and getting them on board. I know they will help you. Best of luck. What your Dad is doing is abuse.

oh sweetheart - i'm so sorry you have to endure this. it isn't right EVER.
i come from a strict household as well and i rebelled a lot - my parents are indian and pakistani and i was born and raised in canada. i got spanked...up until i got my period. after that, it stopped. i have baby girls of my own, and i am careful of where that discipline needs to be if it is neccessary. there is one thing you MUST believe, is that you've done nothing to deserve such humiliation, that you are a strong young lady who will grow up and despite the abuse (thats what this is), you will acheive your dreams, but you must believe in yourself.
if the police will not do anything(they wont, they are all men and judging from you comment, applaud your dad) then go to a policewoman, the church, anyone...unfortunately if he is spanking you, i wouldn't count out the fact that your mom has been hit by his hands too. i may be wrong, but statistics show that its true.

i'll pray for you sweetie- i really will. please please find the strength to do good for yourself.

Does he leave marks? Ever called right after a spanking so they see you bottomless around house and red bottomed? Call social services or like family protective services. What is the age of consent where you live?

The age of consent is the age in which a minor, like yourself is legally able to consent to sex with an adult, or engage in sexual activities (like your parents stripping you naked, touching your privates inappropriately), without it being statutory rape. This is a physical, mental, emotional abuse situation! Tell a teacher! Call the cops, they can't simply do nothing.

You serious? Cops didn't do anything?

Diapers? You're 16, right?! Did you tell the cops your dad does this in front of other people? And makes you wear diapers? This isn't healthy. I don't do this with my 4 year old. This is bordering on molestation.

I'm sorry. I hope things get better for you - this is not acceptable behavior for a parent.

that is harsh treatment sorry to read about it xxx

Sounds like dad may be perving on you. You should go to see the police or someone you can trust of atthority.