Just Had My Bare Bum Smacked (spanked!!)

Seems like many people here call smacking spanking but its same thing or feels like same thing.
came home from half day at school today. mum was mad because our bedroom was a mess but it wasent that bad. could not believe she was in such a rage about it. I chirped up that its not so bad and she flew at me. I hateeeeee it!

My sister obvs loved seeing me getting it on the bare and my dad just sat there saying nothing just agreeing. was only 8 or 9 spanks with her hand. But WHY on the bare bum ??? at my age.

Rage :::((((( but im fine. hard me.
JennyRT JennyRT 13-15, F 7 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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You are lucky. My bare bum is bruised slightly for the smallest offenses. Also I am spanked on my vag.

Why on the bare bum you ask - -
Because it hurts more.
Because it is more efficient for your parents, they don't have to swat as long or hard to make it sting.
Because they can see the effects and not 'overspank' one area while 'underspanking' another.
Because it is more embarrassing and therefore part of the punishment.
Because it reinforces that you are still a child being put in your place.


she needs a spanking not u!

i been reading where people been spanking with a wooden hairbrush , whats with a hairbrush ? is it because it is handy ? more harsh type of spanking ? when i was a child i always got a bare bottom OTK spanking with my mom's had. usually nothing different except my dad once in a while used a belt.

The spanking was appropriate, but you should have been spanked in private. The fact that your mom only gave you 8 or 9 spanks means she was trying to get a point across in a way you would remember. This seems like a moderate punishment to me.


And how old are you, jenny?