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The Word Bottom!!!

My dad dont say bottom but usually calls it behind or bum. Mum when she is really mad calls it bottom as if to make a point. it seems more embarasin when she says it that way for some reason as if she trying to make a big major point. Worse is when other people have been around. and even though we dont get spanked when so many people can see she has no problems in saying.

remember she has said it a few times when i have played up that i would be getting a sore bottom in front of other people in the house. And my sister also had same. One time alot of people were in the house for a family meal and she had as mum said had real attitude so told her she was going to be getting a sore bare bottom later on. she went bright red in the face and everyone knew what it meant. awfull. I really hate it when it happens (

they dont use belt but have used slipper and stick - cane
JennyRT JennyRT 13-15, F 7 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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I call it bottom or occasionally bum and have said in the past ' has my hand got to say hello to your bottom ' not sure why it just came out

My dad said 'backside' if there was company (threateneing only obviuosly.). And 'bum' 'butt' or 'arse' if we were alone! What's with that!

Oh my gosh! That must have been SO embarrising!

We just say butt

When I was a kid our family used the term "hiney" and if you were told that you were going to get your "hiney warmed" you knew you were in for a thorough spanking on your bare hiney. It was far more than a "warming" but rather more like a roasting. Usually with the hairbrush or the strap.

My mum and dad both call it a bottom, especially when my sister or me are in trouble for something.

Yeah i know what you saying about this.

A bottom by any other name is still a bottom or backside or bum or rearend or -
How many words for that body part can you think of?
And whatever you call it, it is still the target of your parents' attention when you misbehave.

How many "code words" for getting a sore bare bottom can you think of?
'You are going to be a sorry young lady later on'
'You won't be sitting down comfortably when we get home'
'Do we have to have a discussion about this?'

lol yeah list cud be long. and suppose it dont make difference still hurts :( but its like more serious when mum uses that word like making a point!