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Skipping School Was Not A Good Idea Part 1

Ok so for those of you that read my blog you know i had hw due today that i didnt finish. well knowing i would get spanked probably in front of my 6th period class i decided to skip. Everything was going so well until i ran into my brother.... My brother is 3 years older than me and out of high school. My stupid self decided to go to the mall while skipping completely forgetting that h would be there working. When he saw me hr took his break and headed straight twoards me. he grabbed me by the arm and demanded to know why i wasnt in school. Me being a smartass said because u went to school and look where you ended up, working at a mall. he got so furious. he lead me away from my friends to a bench somewhat secluded from the main part of the mall. he sat down bent me over his knee, lifted my skirt and spanked me. bow after this was done i was blubering like aa baby and he drove me home. when i got home mom was on the phone with the school. when she was done she went to her room and got the belt :( told me that this was to come tonight before i go to bed. which is in about two hours. so in about 3 hours i will post about that spanking
wellspankedbrat wellspankedbrat 16-17, F 2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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Wow two spankings in one day I hope that taught you a lesson not to skip school.

Not sure I agree especially at your ages. However...I could understand him having a few things to say about your choices, And I'm not surprised he didn't cover for you. So sorry you got spanked, it stinks. But part of growing up is taking responsibility for our actions, even those made in moments of poor judgement.