Spanked Until I Was Drowned In My Sobs

Hey guys I'm totally new at this but I feel like it helps me vent!

It was a rainy day yesterday and I didn't have too much of a grip of my plans! So, I told my mom I was headed to the gym and left the house. I was driving around and my sex buddy called me up so i decided to head over to his place and just do what we usually do! We're just experimenting with friends with benefits, the usual curiosity. My mom called me a few times but I was pretty busy and didn't hear the ringing..she ended up coming straight to his apartment since she tracked me phone..

She knocked on the door and told me to come out straight away. I was ******** my pants, I knew she didnt like this kid in the first place. She practically yelled at me all the way to the car and as I drove home I tried to go a lot slower so that she could at least calm down a little bit.

I got into my house and she kept threatening to spank me even though it was agreed to stop since I was already 18 and ready to leave the house. She just decided to grab her belt and follow me down the hall to her room. I literally tried to fight her until she grabbed my hair and pulled me over her lap. She whipped me at least 20 times before calling my dad in to paddle me the rest of the time. I honestly hate them right now. I cant even leave my room without the fear that shes just gonna pull me over her lap again. The thing is, SHE PROMISED IT WOULD END.
Diana5566 Diana5566
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did your mom tell you why you were being spanked? Is it because she knows you are having sex?

Diana, so sorry to hear about your spanking. I know the feeling cuz I'm 19 and still get spanked. I remember when I turned 18 and thought I was too old for spankings but when I got one and complained Mom told me our Church doesn't consider us an Adult until we turn 21.
Worse 4 U if your Mom said spankings would stop.....not fair! at least be honest, right?
ps hope U didn't get it bare bottom like we do.

I'm sorry sweety, but you are waaaay too old to be getting spanked (unless it's by your lover, but that's for a whole different story...)

I get spanked my bf/Dom/Sir, I know what you're talking about:)