I'M Horrified Reading That , Wives , Partners Get Spanked For Anything Other Than Fun

I've been reading on here that females have had their bottoms spanked, not as foreplay, but as punishment for something they omitted to do.
I won't go into specifics, because it proves nothing to anyone, and may hurt an author of such a form of abuse .
Some may say that mental torture is even worse. Well that's true as well in many cases.
I'm appalled in this day and age that a woman, lady , girl is punished in such a way.
I knew of similar punishment, it totally destroyed her confidence in being out in public, in case she stepped out of line. Her partner would give her the evil eye.
She knew then that she would be punished when they got home.
It hadn't always been like that. He used to just tell her off. He was a few years older than her, so maybe it was a fatherly figure.
She ended up being afraid to even look at another man, for fear of running foul of her husband. It's just another form of abuse in my book.
On the other hand, some ladies love a few playful smacks on their bottom , as a prelude to a very powerful lovemaking session. That's fine with me.
But let's not confuse the two please.
If I knew of it happening close to me, is either beat the living day lights out of him, or make sure he knew I knew.
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Some may be in other countries/cultures where customs are different, hard as this for us to accept.

I get spanked by my husband as well. I've never felt more safe or secure or loved in my entire life. He's not abusive. He corrects my behavior when its needed. He's helped me become the woman I am today and I'll be honest, Im pretty awesome LOL (j/k). Are they fun? NO! Do I like them? NO! Do I need them? Most definitely!

I get spanked.

If I directly disobey a house rule, put myself or others in danger.

I'm not teasing

Ok how?

Did you have a question?

Your privacy settings don't allow

It's a tool to help me behave better

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!! That man says he loves his woman one minute then the next he physically harms her if she makes a decision he does not like!!!!!!!!!!! I am not judging, ShakespeareSonnet116. Please understand that I just cannot understand how a man who says he loves his wife is willing to hurt her for whatever his reason may be. I just don't get it. I mean, why not treasure her if you say you love her? Surely the male has imperfections and makes mistakes. The wife is supposed to be okay with his right to make mistakes but she herself is supposed to be perfect? I don't get it at all!!!!!!!!!!

You're right it's appalling and should be outlawed. Thank goodness for upstanding people like you. In fact couples should record all their intimate time together so they can produce evidence that they aren't getting their jollies in wrongful ways. Maybe appoint guardians of what's acceptable. It's clearly not necessary for procreation. Who do these people think they are, acting out their quirks and kinks? Slippery slope! Next step will be legalisng homosexuality, you mark my words!

The issue however is that you don't actually know what you are talking about.

The problem is that you've taken it upon yourself to "highlight" something that you do not in fact understand. You are appalled by your own interpretations & assumptions alone... You comment, you open yourself up to criticism of that comment.

That is such a cop-out! Good grief... I should introduce you to someone Damsel & I know called Jane. Lmao! . . . Ridiculousness.

I'm laughing so hard my head is nearly off

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Hey there mister I ummmm have a delivery here, its an extremely long ladder I understand you require it to get down from your high horse

Oh dear. :| But this really is frightfully judgemental of you. You mustn't evaluate & critique every relationship of the sort by that standards of one persons abuse of power!

However you not all knowing, though you imagine that you are. That's unfortunate indeed.

Ohh wow excellently said "I am horrified too................. " I totally agree with you!!!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

a butt shot was over in a minute--a bare *** paddling hurt more You had to wait for it--I still got it thru high school and my butt hurtalot!

Oh my gosh! Finally someone!!! I was reading some of those same stories and i was just in disbelief trying to figure out if what I was reading was a joke or not. I even replied on one saying that you said never let another person lay a hand on you because it can lead to very bad abuse and the author only replied that her partner loved her so it was okay. I couldn't respond, didn't know what to say to that.

Avoid spanky situations?