As much as I hate getting my butt whooped I am thinking a belt whooping might be worth getting just to yelled at my mama and tell her how fkn stupid she is. Only problem I know what the outcome will be and that's me bent over my bed getting my bare butt whooped with the belt. She makes me so mad I know I will end up getting whooped tonight.
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in private or in front of whom?

Private. I am an only child.

If you are so dumb to tell that to your mom then you deserve a big one whopping. Really, my dad would have worn out his arm swinging his strap if I ever dared to say that to mom.

My dad and mama have used a strap before it hurts like crazy. Everything hurts so you cry all day. Sitting is impossible. I hate the strap.

You need to appraise your situation and learn to deal with it. Obviously she angers you, you need to ignore it, or learn how to handle it. Otherwise, you will keep doing this, and she will eventually prevail because you are the one who gets the beating.
And just so you know, I was in the same situation, so I know what you're going through . . . . Keep your head and spirits up!

Yeah I don't think at times and end up getting the belt like I did that night. I live in the south mamas don't put up with back talk.

So I have heard, Texas seems to be the least forgiving of back talk, though. LOL!

I live in Arkansas and it don't fly over to well here.

Sorry, when I read that I laughed out loud! . . . . . 😆

Its true your mama will get of the boat to whoop you around here.

Hope girls around watch and enjoy it?

She don't care whos around.

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I know she is your mum but smack the b*tch

If I yell at my mum she wouldnt dare touch me , she just yells back cuz she knows if she hits me she will get one back

and I would get worse and again when dad gets home

sorry bro come on yahoo today we can chat abit i got one lately also

ok I will.

She will continue belting you till you learn to control yourself. You'd better learn to enjoy these beltings because later you'll miss them. Hope your future wife won't hesitate to belt you, too.

I will never enjoy a butt whooping and when I get a wife she sure wont be just like I wont hit a girl.

Maybe everything will be as you wish or maybe not. As you know, man proposes but God disposes. Anyhow I'm sure you'll miss the belt and wish to relive (at least, in your imagination) some of the spankings.

No I cant wait until the day whoopings don't happen anymore. Nobody I know likes getting a whooping. My parents make surer you never want another whooping. You really cant sit after a whooping from my parents if I mess up some where and get a whooping then we leave I cry most the way home because my butt hurts.

There are many things which we dislike in our childhood but later we remember them with tender emotions or even like them. And then in two seconds before the death all our earthly life looks for us as a continuing pleasure, regardless of how hard it really was. So I recomment you to rethink your attitude to the whoopings. Don't lose years, enjoy your life as it is.

sorry, *whoppings

I do enjoy life and love my parents very much. We go all over on vacations and I don't get in trouble and I am good at home a lot too. I am usually good when we go some where. If dad is around mama will have him take me to the side of the house or some where else private and belt my butt.

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I am trying to imagine the condition of my rear end after I had called my stepfather "******* stupid."

I ended up getting my butt whooped and sent to bed. It hurt bad and I cried a lot.

It's nice because you really need your *** be regularly whipped -- your behaviour says about it quite clearly.

You sound like my mama she always says U did this you have nobody to blame but yourself. She can turn things not my fault into something is my fault.

You should not try to acquit yourself, better promise yourself that from now on you will be behave even better. My Mistress teach me every weekend with my own belt and a paddle and there's no question about my faults because it's a maintenance spanking. She uses them them to remind me that the next week I must behave and obey her, and I do my best to help her to put this smple idea into my brains.

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Don't do it

I am trying so hard not too. But my temper or something makes me keep getting madder and madder.

Maybe if she gives you one you'll feel better

I don't want a whooping.

Or just go to another room

I am in my room. Doing chores.

I ended up getting a whooping and sent to bed. Sucked.

Sorry :(


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