Mom Vs Dad Alll The Time!!

My mom always gives my dad the silent treatment. When I see her behave this way the only thing I can think is she is being very childish. Her tactics won't work on him anymore. He's already had enough and dealt with this type of behavior from her for years till he just leaves her alone when she doesn't talk to him. It's always something that sets her off into a rage and she stops speaking to him. Believe me I've been there where I've done something that pissed her off and she's ignored me. The longest she ignored me was for is almost one week.
Currently my mom is not speaking to my dad again. he just came back from vacation in his home country and there were some certain pictures that he took that an uncle of mine sent to all of us through email. My mom saw them and she was furious. she hates it when my dad drinks for fun (even if it's a little) and has always repeatedly told him not to drink. what can i say? he obviously looked drunk in some of photos but i come to his defense because he was hanging out with old friends he hasn't seen in a year. it's not like it was hurting anyone. there was one particular photo he had his arm around one of his female friends. i didn't think anything of it but my mom obviously did. honestly i don't know what conversation took place and what was said between my mom and dad but all she said to me was what she was pissed off about.
I'm tired of what she does. I don't understand what mechanicism within her immediately decides to sink into silence and ignore so and so if she feels pissed off by the person. First of all, what the hell is not speaking supposed to do? That's like a little child pouting behavior. What does she think -- that ignoring him long enough he'll get worried about her not speaking and play mother goose to her? my dad told me he used to do that in the early years when she would give him the silent treatment. and what would she do? she would not answer him. My dad endured this **** from her all those years because he worried about me and my brother if he and my mom divorced we probably wouldn't see him much.
My mom always was one not for many words. i can never tell what she's thinking. she keeps so much in her head that my dad is the one who does like 90% of the talking at the dinner table and she barely says anything. she's very traditional and i can't help but feel she feels justified her silent treatment behavior will teach my dad some sort of lesson. but instead she's just fallen into this pattern of using the same method every time and i am not going to feel sorry for her any more. Last last time she gave my dad the silent treatment no one tried to talk to her about the situation (no one ever does, anyway) and she actually cried in front of me saying no one cared about her. Um, no, Mom, it's not that no one cares -- it's that your behavior is not helping the situation AT ALL. If you don't communicate; you don't even try to talk about what you're so f***ing mad about then how is that going to solve anything???
Sometimes I wish they would just get divorced.
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My parents don't exactly give each other the silent treatment, but I really do wish that they would actually communicate with one another. Whenever one of them has problems with the other, they would come to me and rant and complain and list all the things that they hate about the other person. Given the lengths of these rants, I really am surprised that they are married at all. I can tell that they are miserable living with each other, but they have obvious communication problems. I'm the type of person who thinks that you can solve most problems by talking to the other person civilly, and seeing my parents just ignore each other after huge yelling arguments just hurts me inside. I wish they would actually just STOP BEING SO SELFISH and LISTEN to the other person once for a change. The two of them do bring up good points in arguments, if they actually listened to the other person with an open mind and an attitude to compromise then they would be so much happier.<br />
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And I know exactly what you mean. I love my parents and all and I can't imagine seeing them separated, but sometimes I just wish that they would get divorced. They're obviously making no attempts to save their marriage.