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I'd Rather Argue That Sit Silent

When my lover gets angry, stomps out of the room and slams the door I want to never talk to them again but can't.  I hate to be shut out.  I'd rather argue than that.  I don't like aruging either.  Would rather life went on smoothly.  That doesn't mean if she'd just agree with me everything would be fine.  I'm open to her side of everything.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 3 Responses May 13, 2008

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That's good. That way making up is easy and fun.

I've heard that one too. I'm not sure. In the heat of the moment, things said usually spring from deep seated feelings that out of respect we don't let surface but they really are there just the same.

I try very hard to control myself. Only in traffic can I go from nice to raging in 10 sec when some idiot pulls out in front of me and then brakes or at a corner some guy (always men are bad drivers) doesn't signal when he should.