My Marriage Of My Wife Of 22 Years And Raising My Son Of 17 Years

My wife usually gave me the silent treatment! i was told this is a sign of abuse. Know she has taught my son of 17 years (the one i gave up a career of and become a stay home dad all those years is also giving me the silent treatment. I don't care about my wife (know that were separated) but my son, that hurts so much that i start to swell up in tears and start to cry (and i'm not a crying person except when i get kidney stones) It just hurts me inside learning my son of 17 years the one I cared for and loved (and still very do) would not text or call me or even acknowledge me at all buy giving me the silent treatment.. But then again, when he was younger, The internet wasn't a big factor in his life, that is what killed him buy listening to his mother and not talking to him, Know I have to stop trying to text or call him (it hurts a lot but my friends, and my therapist tells me I have to ) and he will find out later on his own, that he was all wrong and find his way to me (but that could be an awful long time, and i'm impatient in that end)
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I had a wife for 18 years or more. We had 5 children. She took my power, told me how it all was gona end up for me, then kicked me out and found another man. Its been nearly 10 years now and my children dont contact me at all, except for Eddie, and i dont get invited to yhier marriages and things like that.<br />
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Me gona make this comment a story for this site. :-)

I couldn't plan anything in the future with her! I mean if i planted a tree for instance, (should i plant know or later)? I did plant fruit trees 3 years ago and shrubs and was building a deck and pool and i was right! I shouldnt of, because of 22 years i am out the door"!
In fact for 20 years i went to therapy "for her" but ever theripest i have seen my ex would call and say these words "fix him" in fact i saw my son last month for only (10) minutes and he said something curious that he and mom couldn't "fix me" ? Know that was interesting my son got my wifes habits in fact he ignores me and gives me the silent treatment (which is part of emotional abuse) women should't change a person! She should love him not make him "***** whipped" and i never got any *****!!!! That is why i am out the door she such a ****** up bossy ***** that even her lawyer (a women) almost quit! Because she so bossy! In fact my sister wanted to put a restraining order (i wished she did) on her trying to intimadate and boss her! If i wanted a dominant ***** then dress the part and tie me up and lets have fun! But dont try to "change me" and i feel for you! We all have to stick together! Form an alliance and an army (i am being silly) againest all these "change me women" who want to ruin our lives after spending out years cherishing the ones we love and putting up with their ****!!!

I understand this very much. I got a divorce after seventeen years but most of mine was do to me and not her. We did not have any children. I have a 2 year old son now by another woman. So I feel your pain. I can empathize with you. She is the one who should have given up her career for your career if she truly loved you.