Please Talk To Me... I Need You.

You kicked me out. You turned my life upside down. Yet, you still love me. But how can I believe you if you ignore me for days on end? You're all I think about. You're everything to me. I'm sorry and I want to fix things but it's not something I can do without you. I just need to hear your voice to help me through all of this.
Tearstainedsleeves Tearstainedsleeves
18-21, F
3 Responses May 12, 2012

Exactly what i feel!!!! If you really love me why you leave me behind.. You're everything in my life and i always miss you.. Don't you ever miss me?! :(<br />
Men are weird sometimes :(

They don't even realize how much they can truly hurt the person that loves them by not talking.

I think he may just be hurting right now and he has trouble expressing himself. But the last time I saw him in person we were ready to work on things and I went home and didn't hear from him for two days and haven't seen him in almost a week. :(

Cant you reach him? Can you go to his place?

He didn't want me there. But I stayed with him last night.

See, if you really love each other, there must be some misunderstanding. See everyone is longing for love, but due to those deprivation, we tend to feel insecure that whether we will lose my lover, that insecurity causes the misunderstanding most of the time. What I mean to say is sometimes too much of love towards each other will be a cause for misunderstanding. So, instead of feeling negative about your man, just feel that he might have reacted out of excessive love towards you.