The Way Its Done In Her Family

   I had a wife for 18 years or more. We had 5 children. She took my power, told me how it all was gona end up for me, then kicked me out and found another man. Its been nearly 10 years now and my children dont contact me at all, except for Eddie, and i dont get invited to thier marriages and things like that.
No communication whatsoever. This is what my exwifes mother did to her husband and its a proud family tradition to perform this kind of excommunicateing to the ousted partner.
It has been vey painful for me over the years.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

This kind of behavior happens to both men and women in lots of familys all over the world. It is hard to understand and really has no meaning, other than, hurt.

yes to hurt the one that is being ignored as a living death

You did good Hun - if nothing else, remember that. Xx