Just Yell At Me,push Me Into A Wall,do Something.

One of my close friends and I had a very big argument.We gave each other the silent treatment for a whole year!It drove me insane.Just yell at me,take it out on me I don't care.But do something.I know I can give a fair share of irritation but the silent treatment is just a cruel punishment for me.I mess up,I'm only human.Yet I want to make things right.It's hard to be ignored like that.I mean how can you just keep all that anger inside.Like seriously,I rather someone break my arm than be given the silent treatment.I don't get it's point.It just makes things far worse than they need to get.Apologize,move on,forget it,just work it out.The harshest thing you can do to a person is ignore them.
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Yes you're right. I do it somtimes too. Like when I see there is no point in trying to convince someone. I think you're talking about when you're angry. <br />
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When I'm angry at someone, I am afraid of who I can turn in or say something that can't take back. I custom to walk away from problem, when it cools down then I will sit and talk. I see your point and I am going to try to change that, like you said it only makes it worse. The one you're angry at might think something different just because you gave him the silent treatment instead of being outspoken. Yo only live once so get over it and continue enjoying your life.

I agree, the silent treatment is like upmost torture. It's harder to keep silent and hold everything inside than it is to just let it out. I'm the same way, I'd rather someone just yell or hit me and get it over with than harbor a grudge. And a whole year? That's crazy! I'm sorry your friend did that to you, but I hope you guys have figured it all out now and you're back together.

We are not as close,I don't think we will ever be again but atleast we can get along now