I Hate Getting Up Early :-)

I really, really hate getting up early in the mornings,. Even when i was going to school, i would always stroll in at about 10:00am and school started at 9:00am, in the afternoon, i would go home for dinner at 12:00pm, and i was still late going back to school, i used to walk in at about !:30pm and school started back at 1:00pm lollol,. In the end the teaachers got used to it!

Even now, i'm the same, if i haven't got to get up, i will stay in bed a few hours nore, lol :-) I love my bed!! ha!! ha!!

welshbabe welshbabe
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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

You, tgrsldy and ladee56, are the same as i then,? lmao!! the three of us, no wonder we are all friends we are so alike lollollollol......... :-) <br />
Thanking you both so much for commenting! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxo

I am soooo right there with you on this one, wb!!!!